The Latest And Greatest Vapes

The cannabis industry has heavily embraced technology.  And one of the benefits has been the development of vapes.  While some cannabis enthusiasts are purists who enjoy smoking ‘traditionally’, either due to health concerns or simply out of preference, the number of people who prefer to get their high through vaping is increasing.  While vaping apparatus comes in varying sizes, this article will focus on smaller, more portable single-user vapes.  So whether you prefer to vape dry herb or concentrates, here are five of the greatest vapes in 2017.

  1. Atmos Pillar Tyga

Usually, celebrity endorsed products are viewed with (deserved) suspicion. So when Atmos collaborated with Tyga, a rapper; most people did not expect the resulting product to be this good. The Atmos pillar Tyga is a small, compact, yet powerful dry herb vape pen. It comes with a smartphone app that can be used to control the oven temperature. And it has a sleek, ribbed, and sturdy design. Its most attractive selling point is its heating power, which is rare for a compact vaping pen. It is also reasonably affordable with most retailers selling it within the $130 price range.

  1. The V2 Pro Series 7

The beauty of the V2 Pro Series 7 is its versatility. You can enjoy wax concentrate, liquid, and dry herb variations of marijuana with the same device. This makes the V2 a cheaper alternative to having three dedicated vaping pens for when you want to enjoy other forms of marijuana. The vape is compact and easy to travel with. It also has a sleek attractive design. Also within the $130 price range, the V2 is quite affordable given its impressive functionality.

  1. KandyPens Prism

The KandyPens prism is a vape pen that is compatible with any form of THC wax, oil or concentrate. If you are looking for compactness, then the Prism is ideal for you as it has a small compact design. It has two different heating coils, a quartz and ceramic one, which allows you to customize your vaping experience as per your preference. If you enjoy vapor volume, then the quartz coil will suit you while the vapers who prefer vapor and flavor quality will prefer the ceramic coil. With most retailers selling it within the $100 price range, very few vape pens offer better value for money.

  1. The Atmos Q3

If you enjoy weed concentrates, and prefer stronger vape hits, then the Atmos Q3 was made just for you. The vape has 3 quartz rod atomizers which quickly heat up your THC wax or concentrate giving you a powerful vapor through its glass mouthpiece. It is also quite affordable, costing within the $100 price range.

  1. The Haze Dual v3

The Haze dual V3 differs from the other entries on this list since it is not a vape pen, but it is still portable and can be used by travelers. It has two chambers and can heat dry herb, e-liquids, concentrates, and waxes. You can even have both chambers working simultaneously. The Haze also has 4 heating settings and two mouthpieces (one glass and one stainless steel one) which allow you to truly customize your vaping experience. It costs more than the other options on this list, with most retailers selling it within the $330 price range. But if you want a premium vaping experience then it is an excellent choice – excellent value for your money.

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