10 Best Products For Cleaning Your Bong

10 Best Products For Cleaning Your Bong

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The cleanliness of your bong will impact your next smoke session.  A clean bong will bring out all the intricate flavors of quality weed.  On the other hand, thick resin build-up ruins the flavors and your highs.  In a nutshell, clean equipment ensures excellent airflow, circulation, and full bud flavor.

For a clean bong, you need to use the proper materials and tools that are specially designed to do a superb cleaning job.  More so with twisted models or where there is oil build up in the small tubes that are difficult to reach.

Top 10 products for cleaning your bong:

  1. Grunge off

This product is among the best cleaners for high-end glass. It is reusable and completely alcohol-free. This is a great bong cleaner if you want to take care of your glassware and have some time to do a good job.

  1. Randy’s Black Label

This product provides an easy, quick, and deep clean.  It is advisable to wear latex gloves when using this solution because it is a harsh solution that is designed to remove the toughest resin build-ups. Rinse your glassware with hot water to remove any residual cleaner.

  1. Weed Wipes

This product offers one of the safest ways to clean your bong and also to prevent resin build up. It is organic, non-toxic, odor-free, and eco-friendly. If you have a major build up, you can add some dishwashing detergent and hot water to help you remove the resin. Rinse your equipment well and you will have less resin build up with each use.

  1. Resinate pipe cleaner

This is a quick cleaning product that is biodegradable and eco-friendly. It will clean your equipment without leaving any odors. If your budget is tight, this is an affordable choice to go for.

  1. RezBlock

This is a great resin blocker and helps to avoid excessive cleaning of your equipment, which can be expensive. It works by preventing resin from building up. The product is red in color and may make you bong look dirty quickly, but the solution works very well.

  1. Effin Clean

This is a powdered cleaner that you can add to water to make a cleaning solution. It is nonabrasive, nontoxic, and ideal is for those traveling. It comes in small packets, each for a one-time use.

  1. Glass Grips

These are medical-grade silicone articles that are great cleaning accessories. They are ideal for closing off the openings of your equipment which makes for easy cleaning and saves your time and cleaning solution.

  1. Scrubber Duckys

This is an innovative bong cleaning product. The duckys have dual-sided magnetic strips which allow you to clean your equipment without any cleaning liquid. And they are easy to use; drop one ducky in your equipment and use the other outside to move the one inside all around your bong.

  1. Resolution

These cleaning caps stretch easily and are universal in design. They are great for keeping the cleaner inside your equipment. Each pack has 3 caps, 2 small and 1 large.

  1. Happy Daddy

These are amazing scraping tools that help you to clean your bowls and stubborn spots. They are very reliable and made from stainless steel and titanium. Soak your bong, scrub with these and then rinse before drying.

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