Great Mobile Apps For Cannabis Users

While recreational cannabis usage has not yet achieved legalization on a federal level, it has received mainstream acceptance in the society on a nationwide level. You no longer have to hide your love for weed; the 420 community now exists openly. With a mainstream appeal, the tech industry has responded by creating mobile apps to help stoners connect, access weed or find valuable information concerning pot. Here are 4 apps that every marijuana user should have on their phones. For the purpose of inclusivity, only apps that are available on apple and android devices will be included in this guide.

1.     Weedmaps

Weedmaps is one of the first mainstream apps that are aimed exclusively towards cannabis users. Most people consider it to be a ‘Google Maps’ for pot enthusiasts but it is so much more than that. As its name suggests, its primary function is mapping out the nearest weed dispensaries within an area. This allows its users to find a retailer near them even when they are in a new city. It also allows you to see dispensary reviews from past users as well as the list of strains currently in stock and their prices. It is freely available in the Apple and Google app stores which make it a must-have for any marijuana user.

2.     High There!

For better or for worse, dating has gone online, particularly with mobile-based apps. Think of High There! as ’Tinder’ for stoners. It creates a platform for stoners to meet, make friends, and even find love. If you find yourself isolated in a 420 prohibitive area, it has a ‘global’ view where you can connect with others and see what they are up to. It helps to have a dating/friendship app specifically for weed enthusiasts. Most weed users have matched with seemingly interesting people on ‘regular’ apps only to find that weed usage is a deal breaker. With High There, being a toker is not an issue.

3.     Leafly

Continuing with the theme of identifying apps with their ‘mainstream’ counterparts, think of Leafly as the ‘Wikipedia of Cannabis’. The app maintains a catalog of all the main known weed strains available in American dispensaries. It lists the parent strains and gives a brief profile of the effects that one should expect when they take a hit. If you need a strain that will relax you or get your energy levels high, Leafly will point you towards the best strain for you. Also, if you need medical marijuana, they can help point you out to strains that have worked well for people sharing your ailment/condition. The site is a rich resource for all weed-related info.

4.     Grow Buddy

While other apps covered in this guide are aimed at cannabis users, Grow buddy is aimed towards marijuana growers. There is a lot that goes into successfully growing weed whether you have a few potted plants in your apartment balcony or a commercial grower. The app helps you monitor the progress of your plants and gives you a strain-by-strain guide on the needs of your plant including nutrients, light, and water. It also connects you with other growers who might have experience with the type of growth that you have.

Regardless of your needs, there is an app to improve your cannabis experience.

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