Laughing Out Loud

Laughing Out Loud

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One of the most common (almost to a stereotypical level) effects of cannabis are that it causes uncontrollable laughter to its users.  This is usually considered to be an enjoyable part of the experience, although it can affect you if you get an uncontrollable laughing fit while at work or within an inappropriate social setting.  In this article, we will try to uncover the origin or uncontrollable laughter and how you can avoid it in inappropriate circumstances.

So, why do people laugh uncontrollably when they smoke up?

Simply put, different types of people react differently to different type of cannabis strains.  Here are some reasons for your laughing fits.

  1. You are a relatively new weed smoker

As with every drug and mind-altering substance, newer users have a lower tolerance to the effects.  While experienced stoners have a higher tolerance, newer users are prone to be affected by the effects of the strain that they are smoking.  Every experienced stoner has a story about how they got the laughing fits when they started smoking but were later able to be in control of the effects of their high.

  1. You are probably smoking a Sativa strain

Generally speaking, there are two main types of cannabis: Indica and Sativa strains.  There are hybrids that have both strains in varying concentrations which are considered to be the third type of cannabis. Indicas generally have a relaxing feeling with a more ‘chill’ high which makes the user meditative while Sativas increase feelings of euphoria and happiness. If you are laughing uncontrollably, you are probably smoking a strong Sativa strain or a hybrid that is Sativa dominant.

How do you stop yourself from laughing at inappropriate moments?

  1. Build your tolerance

When you are still new to cannabis usage, you should avoid being stoned at locations where you have to be vigilant about your actions.  Smoke in the comfort of your home or with a group of friends who will not be offended if you burst out laughing.  Only venture to get stoned in public places or at work when you have built your tolerance to avoid getting yourself in an embarrassing situation.

  1. Know how different strains affect you

If strong Sativa strains bring out the laughing fits in you, then avoid them when you don’t believe you are in situations where laughter and general euphoria will be appropriate. Don’t take chances with strains you are not familiar with since you are not sure of how you will react to them. Even the most experienced stoners only experiment with new strains within controlled environments.

  • Learn how to control your high

Every cannabis user needs to have a set of techniques that they can use to bring themselves down from an intense high. Laughter is not the only marijuana effect that can make it difficult to function. Some people get a heightened sense of paranoia while others get anxiety attacks. Common techniques include calming breathing exercises, taking a cold shower or an iced (non-alcoholic!) drink or taking a stroll. When you sense a laughing fit coming, try to counteract it using one of these methods.

It’s always great to have friends with common interests so that you can do what you like in a judgment-free environment. Find 420 friends with the High There! app.  Click the link below to download the app directly to your phone and start connecting!

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