420 Bed & Breakfast

The number 420 holds a special place in stoner world but the origin is often debated. Some claim that 420 denotes the total number of chemical compounds in a marijuana bud while others assert that it’s the police code for a pot-related crime. Whatever the origin of the story, it’s not hard to deduce what a 420 Bed and Breakfast caters to.

What is a 420 B N B?

In a traditional B N B, one is offered accommodation in a residential area or a hotel setting- where your gracious hosts are tasked with the responsibility of serving you breakfast. It is a home away from home. The same model applies to a 420 Bed and breakfast with the added advantage of the space being pot-friendly.

Where to find a 420 B N B

Similar to the popular worldwide accommodation leader Airbnb, 420 bed and breakfasts are listed on websites that go by names such as Bud and Breakfast. Some hosts will simply offer a cannabis-friendly accommodation whereas others have taken it a notch higher and will extend free samples of pot to their esteemed guests. In both scenarios one thing rings true, you will have no reason to fret about being allowed to smoke or vape within the confines of the house.

Bed and breakfast sites such as Bud & Breakfast have scaled global borders to feature recreational and/or medicinal cannabis-friendly places worldwide. The industry has grown in leaps and bounds in the last 2-3 years. As it stands, this newly-discovered Cannabis revenue frontier has well over 3000 accommodations and counting. What’s more, some of these places are booked a year out. So if you are thinking about becoming a Cannabis tourist, you had better plan to book a place in advance. And you are contemplating of opening your very own 420 Bed & Breakfast, be ready to face some competition out there.

Services offered in 420 Bed and Breakfast facilities

420 Bed and breakfast hosts give a new meaning to high-end living. With Bud & Breakfast, for example, you wake up to a gourmet meal dubbed a wake + Breakfast which is essentially food infused with refreshing sativa strains and a hot cup of coffee. Some accommodations online even boast of on-site chefs who take customized orders at an added fee.

If you’re lucky the fridge will be fully stocked with treats for the munchies and beer or wine. Some facilities even offer desserts and hot or cold drinks infused with pot.

Other facilities feature a 4:20 pm happy hour, where delicious marijuana products are dished out and guests are allowed to vape and smoke as they wish.

A 420 Bed & Breakfast is a heavenly convenience for any pothead on the move. Or if you like, you can simply try out 420-friendly locations just for the sake of being a pot tourist and discovering the high culture.  And don’t forget to connect with your favorite 420 friends at High There!.  Set up a romantic weekend or just meet with your High There! friends at one of these weed-friendly places and relax with judgment and worry!

The best listings are found in pot-friendly states like California. They are good for a sports-filled weekend, romantic getaways or a simple cannabis tour. Most hosts receive nothing but rave reviews from the guests. But of course, there are bound to be a few unpleasant experiences here and there. Hopefully, you won’t experience any of these. If you are in the market for any of the above experiences, book a spot and give it a try!

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