5 Eco-Friendly Tips for Tree Smokers

5 Eco-Friendly Tips for Tree Smokers

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While our title may throw you off a bit, we find it to be quite appropriate for the topic. In this week’s blog, we reveal tips on how you can practice your green-friendly awareness while smoking trees. These steps are all for the sake of ‘Saving the Planet.’

  1. Seek dispensaries who practice energy conservation.
  2. When sharing bud, use recyclable products for wrapping and storage
  3. Home growers use compost and LED lights for grow houses.
  4. Hydroponics Best Practices
  5. Recycle your Bags, Bottles, and Containers

It just seems to go hand in hand to be green-friendly while indulging in your favorite brand. As people of a more respectable community, we should always be seeking ways to create a healthier environment. Smoking out is not the exception. These tips help you understand and have more clarity how easily we can do our part in protecting the planet.

Ask your favorite neighborhood dispensary what they do to be more eco-conscious. What are their best practices for owning and operating their business? In what ways do their growers comply with zero waste and minimizing energy. These are all important factors that can help with decisions in complying with regulations. We never want to give the feds any reasons to deny our privileges.

Next, when being a good neighbor or friend, use containers and products to wrap that are environmentally friendly. Bio-degradable bags, paper bags, and recyclable plastic containers are much more acceptable to Mother Earth.

If you’re a home grower or a Do it yourself, then be sure to look for items such as LED lights and create your compost for fertilizer. This way you can ensure you’re sticking to a waste-free policy.

In addition to home growing, the use of hydroponics has become more popular than before. Many of these plants are harvestable year-round. You can use products like Mason jars along with water bottles as a way of saving from landfill contributions.

Lastly, remember to bring your recyclable containers back to the dispensaries that use them and don’t forget to do your home reconditioning.

These tips are excellent ways for you to be environmentally responsible while enjoying your favorite past time.

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