5 of the Best Snacks to Eat While Buzzed

Whether you’re looking to care for your needs of hunger with a friend or by yourself, there’s always a necessity to find the best food. Although many of us would most likely admit, when buzzed there’s no preference, just lots of cravings. We might also agree that even products like dry cereal are almost as good as any 5-star meal when you’ve got the munchies. However, in this week’s blog, we’ve found 5 of the best snacking ideas that you’ll love to eat while getting your ‘high on.’

# 5 Girl Scout Cookies must be one of the tastiest desserts on the planet. Whether they’re the Samoas or the Mint Patties, you can certainly be sure these yearly treats are sure to please. In fact, you probably don’t know of one GS cookie that doesn’t make your taste buds sing. We’ve got the goods on a dynamite recipe for a Samoa Milkshake found on Pinterest!

# 4 Next, bring up the word Boo Berry or Cap’n Crunch and watch your partner’s eyes light up. Even if they’re glazed over, you know sharing a big bowl of cereal is one of the best and most popular snacks that makes anyone’s heart sing. Whether you’re eating it with almond milk or whole, it’s just a delightful way to ward off the appetite.

#3 If you’re not a fan of cereal or cookies, then maybe a smoothie might cure your desires? It’s fun to burn, then take care of those longings with yogurt, fruit, and kale blended to make you smile. Don’t fear these healthy drinks to overcome a yearning. Slip into any Jamba Juice and look how many people have that glazed look, and you’ll soon recognize this may be the world’s greatest stoner food trend yet!

#2 Okay, we got a bit carried away on that last statement. But, we do want to remind you that mini-bananas-foster-cheesecakes are a ridiculous solution to a commonly asked question “are you hungry?” Well in most cases, you won’t say no to these gorgeous jewels perfect for a day of token out. This recipe is a ‘Must Try’ for people who love cheesecake, and bananas. Yumsicles!

#1 Lastly, we want to point out to you this ultimate refreshment, we all love to devour is our top pick! This food deserves all our attention because is enjoyed in so many ways. In fact, there must be 9 million different ways you can prepare this blended recipe of light sauces, on a multitude of crusts. It can be eaten morning, noon or night there’s never a wrong time to eat it. It can be served from a croissant role to a French bread; there’s nothing this pie can’t do. Of course, we think the number one is Pizza! Hands down this are truly the best stoner food, ever! What do you say?

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