5 Reasons Why Online Dating Works with Today’s Singles

5 Reasons Why Online Dating Works with Today’s Singles

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If you’re like the rest of us today, challenged with life, you’re possibly finding dating to be yet another chore.  As we find time searching for a way to squeeze it all in, partying with our gal or guy pals, isn’t always practical. Beyond the daily chores and friend gatherings, there still seems to a quest for locating the man or woman with the most flower power to hang out with you when you are on a downswing. Online dating apps can be an excellent way to meet that special homegrown someone and here are five reasons why.

  1. There’s someone to share bong duty.
  2. No more guessing what they’re into, it’s spelled out.
  3. Online dating is more cost efficient
  4. Find Like-Minded Compatible People Faster
  5. You can block and delete

If you aren’t a big fan and want someone to share the bong duty, online dating can be a better resource for partnerships. Once you’re comfortable with him or her, you can create a dynamic synergy allowing you both to partake in tedious duties such as bong cleaning. On the flip side, you can also share in the packing of said bong. We are poking some fun here. However, it is nice to find out that someone is into the same things as you.

How often do you meet someone and you must ask each other all types of questions just to find there’s no compatibility? You’ve got nothing but a ‘rubber biscuit’ telling you what common ground you both stand. With online dating, at least there are a few clues to launch your conversations.

Going to Nightclubs is precocious, a turnoff and EXPENSIVE! Paying for bottle service or just buying a few drinks can make diving deep into your pockets become habitual. Online dating is more cost effective since you can judge ahead of time whether you want to spend your graduation money in one night. While you spend time vetting, you’re saving money that can add to your next bag. C’mon, think about it there’s microscopic overhead while wanting a lot of head when you’re dating online or with an app.

Have you experienced that embarrassing moment when you ask another person if they’re 420 friendly, and they turn and look at you with a glare? While we’ve all made that mistake, you can ask a person more comfortably if they are into the same hobbies as you. Most people will give you a better answer when they aren’t intimidated. While people still lie about things online, they do tend to be more open when they realize it’s a safe zone.

Next, finding like-minded people can be a challenge. Looking for things like Meetup groups and sites or apps where people share a commonality, tends to be more successful for those dating. Since Colorado has become a state where recreational use is permitted, the High There app is a vehicle for others to weed through and find people who are oddly looking for the same qualities. Why not? We live in America!

The best part about online dating is those you meet with little to no common sense can easily be deleted or blocked. A word of caution here: Spend a proper amount of time, vetting these people first! While they aren’t all pure, there’s going to be someone just right for you. The ones who aren’t can be given best wishes while you hit the delete button. There’s no scene, or awkwardness, just gone! See you later! Bye Felicia!

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