5 Ways Cannabis Brings People Together

The cannabis plant has mystical powers that transcend much of what we think is possible. This herb provides healing and relief for patients, but it has also created a loving and tight-knit community that spans across almost every demographic.

If you’re a part of the cannabis community, then you know you have experienced it at least once! Read on to learn about the ways cannabis brings so many people together.

Common Ideals

When you meet a new friend in the weed scene, you can bet that the two of you will share many of the same moral and political values. The cannabis community at large is typically more accepting of all races, genders and sexual orientations than the general public. Most stoners believe in fairness and sharing what they have, and also believe that the harmful War on Drugs should end as soon as possible. Having been ostracized by society for so long, cannabis users have a soft spot for other oppressed groups.


If you’re looking to connect with like-minded cannabis consumers, you may be able to pick them out in a crowd based on their choice of Rastafarian-colored clothing or accessories, or the fact that they have a Swisher Sweet cigarillo wrapper hanging out of their pocket. When you do meet a fellow stoner in the crowd at a concert and they ask you to share, you know that the tradition is to take two puffs and then pass it back, while keeping an eye out for law enforcement, of course. By following these traditions, new friendships are formed every day.

Fun Times

Get a bunch of the cannabis community together, and you know it’s going to be a great party. For many people, having a fun day or night with cannabis is a substitute for getting blackout drunk. At a 420-friendly kickback or party, you know there will be great music, new friends to meet, and most likely some amazing food to cure everyone’s munchies at the end of the night. Heart-to-hearts and philosophical conversations are also common. You definitely won’t get that at a loud and crowded bar or nightclub – though you can also get high and go to one of those if you’d like!

New Cultures

Maybe you love reggae, and your new stoner friend loves classic rock. That’s just fine! Cannabis-friendly acquaintances are often accepting and genuinely interested in learning and trying new things – especially if it will make their friend happy. So next time you’re hanging out with a new friend in the cannabis scene, ask to experience some of their favorite music, food, or cinema.


One adage that tends to ring true in the global cannabis community is that “couples who blaze together, stay together.” Many users believe that cannabis enhances intimacy and sensuality, as well as making it easier to connect with new people without inhibition. It’s common knowledge that couples who do not smoke together often tend to experience more arguments and communication issues. 420-friendly relationships aren’t without their own problems, but sharing a common lifestyle definitely doesn’t hurt.

Ready to make some meaningful connections of your own? Download the High There! app on iOS for instant access to new friends in the cannabis community, wherever you go.


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