About High There

High There started from humble beginnings in 2015 as a networking and dating app for cannabis enthusiasts. From smoke buddies to future spouses, we’ve connected millions of cannabis users with one another over the years.

As we watched the existing social media giants continue to censor cannabis content, reaffirm the negative stigmas behind cannabis use and push cannabis users back into the shadows, we knew we had to step in to better serve the global cannabis community.

And so in 2020, our mission shifted, to provide a digital safe haven for cannabis enthusiasts, where there are no stupid questions, no elitist attitudes, no unnecessary negativity. An open and inclusive space to convene, to learn, to share and to teach. Celebrating cannabis, not censoring it.

Now, we’re connecting the digital cannabis community in an entirely new way. We’re a collective of the world’s cannabis curious, confident, connoisseurs, and creators. And you’re a part of it now, too.

A resourceful and unbiased platform + social networking app (iOS & Android)