About Us

About Us

HighThere! is the inner circle of cannabis

Around the world today, Millions of people in all walks of life are discovering the joys of cannabis. As it enters the cultural mainstream, the benefits – enhanced creativity, profound stress-relief, and a greater sense of interconnection and well-being – are becoming more and more widely available.

A new wave of consumers is challenging outmoded stereotypes, building a happy and healthy new community as a portal to this exciting new world. High There! gives them a space to convene, share what they know, and support each other.

High There! brings it all together, making it fun, convenient, and easy to understand. It’s a friendly, inviting one-stop hub for cannabis resources, conversations, and community.

Users of High There! are part of a worldwide network of vendors, experts, and aficionados. They get access to consumer guides, curated listings, and new buds who’ve made cannabis part of a more active, positive lifestyle.

High There! is a social network, directory, and community bazaar. We welcome anyone who’s curious and excited to explore the fast-expanding world of cannabis and experience a new era in the company of like-minded enthusiasts, experts, and friends.

Welcome! You’ll fit right in here.


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