High There! Wants You To Appreciate, YOU!

High There! Wants You To Appreciate, YOU!

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To bring awareness to the many unfortunate that don’t some basic necessities of life, National Roof Over Your Head Day was born out of a response to the number of homeless people on the street, both in first and third world countries.  It was aimed for people to simply take a step back and appreciate what they have in life.

What better way to appreciate life than with an uplifting cannabis strain that promotes euphoric appreciation?

There are cannabis strains that medicinally treat depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Some cannabis strains spark creativity, make you more productive, or cause feelings of euphoria.  Energizing sativa and blissful indica both works to treat depression depending on their overall chemical profile.

National Roof Over Your Head Day is on December 3rd.  It’s a holiday of appreciation, a day where you can be grateful for the things you might take for granted on a regular basis. A date set aside for you to appreciate life calls for an anti-depressant, uplifting, energizing strain for you to truly appreciate the little things in life, or just a roof over your head – some people, after all, don’t even have that.

We’re going to mention the best strains that provide uplifting feelings of euphoria and appreciation, along with tips on dosage, what’s the most effective, and how to find the best cannabis strain for depression for your body chemistry.  Using our tips, you can speak with a doctor or professional to narrow down what works best for you.

What’s in a Cannabis Strain that Causes Euphoria and Happiness?

While cannabis has commonly been referred to as a natural remedy for depression, some cannabis cultivars indicate a unique chemical composition that plays a profound role in the herb’s ability to treat depression and promote and uplifting emotion.

THC is the primary psychoactive in the plant that has biphasic effects, which can have positive effects in small to moderate amounts. Lower doses are beneficial, as extremely, unnecessarily high doses may contribute to depression worsening over time in some people (however, dosage is only a factor if depression is worsening – speak with your doctor or local medicinal cannabis professional to make sure you’re getting the help you need).

Cannabis Strains that Treat Depression and Help You Appreciate Life

Primarily, you want to look for a strain that’s high in limonene, a terpene that’s a great choice for mood elevation. Limonene usually has a sweet citrus smell and taste, and there are a variety of strains that prominently feature the terpene.

Sour Diesel

A popular morning time strain, sour diesel works as a euphoric strain that’s also a pick-me-up. It promotes wakefulness, energy, uplifting feelings, and eliminates fatigue.  It can, however, be very high in THC, so moderation is especially recommended for this strain.


Harlequin’s main boosting factor is all feelings of happy.  With a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, it’s a perfect solution for someone who wants a clear head and relief with their depression at the same time. Because of its high percentage of CBD, it also works to counteract the anxiety-inducing effects that THC can sometimes cause.

Pineapple Express

The sweet fruity flavors are hard to miss with a strain that takes you to your happy place and energizes you with bliss and wakefulness. It focuses on happy and euphoric feelings, a strong indica/sativa-hybrid. Pineapple express works to keep you productive while feeling utter bliss.

Choosing the Best Cannabis Strain to Appreciate Life

The important thing to remember when experimenting with different cannabis strains to find the best effects for you is that there’s not an exact science for the plant just yet.  Only recently has it been legalized so widely, so research is still underway to truly discover all the benefits cannabis has to offer.

Given that we’ve only been looking into cannabis openly for such a short amount of time, the chemical profile of a cannabis plant may not be the same as the last.  Every strain sample will be different, and you may find certain batches of the same strain cause different effects over time. Adapting when you notice the change is one of the key actions you must take.

Experimentation is Vital

The biggest reason it’s not down to an exact science, short of lack of time in researching, is that everyone’s depression is different.  Everyone feels things differently, and the amount of chemicals that run through our brains vary from person to person.  We have educated guesses as to which strains are most beneficial to treating depression, but only you can be the judge of that for your body chemistry.

Dosage is Important

The right dose is almost as important as the right strain. Once you figure out which strain is right for you, you then need to narrow down the best dosage – AKA the fun part.  You’ve already found the right strain, now it’s just deciding how much you need at one time.  No two people are alike, so the amount it takes for one person may not do it for you, or it may be too over the top.

Keep a Strain Journal

If you want to kick it up a notch and truly fine-tune the best strain for appreciation and for treating your specific brand of depression, you could record your reaction to which cannabis strain you’re consuming and keep it in a strain journal to figure out what works best.  It also doubles as a reminder not to consume a strain that gives you a negative reaction, if that’s ever happened for you.

From us at High There!, we appreciate you being part of our growing community!

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