Attn: Canna-Couples…Here’s Your Quintessential Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Cannabis is rapidly becoming legal across the nation, with 10 states now legal recreationally and a whopping 33 legal medically to some degree.  As the cannabis industry booms, themed gifts for the growing population of cannabis consumers grow with popularity.  While Valentine’s Day fast approaches, we look at all the holiday’s themed gifts that might be useful for the medical or recreational user in your life.

We’ve assembled a comprehensive guide to lead you to the perfect gift for your Valentine, but we’ve also done some research on what cannabis even does regarding your sex life – let’s dive into what we found out.

Regular Cannabis Use Can Lead to More Frequent Intimacy

Unfortunately, marijuana research is still new, meaning we don’t have all the answers just yet.  New studies are coming out every day regarding the effect’s cannabis can have on the mind and body.  We are frequently discovering medical benefits that help and sometimes even save those in states where the plant is legal.

One of these new studies, published by the Stanford University School of Medicine in October of 2017, was a collective survey that had been compiled since 2002 from responses gathered annually. The respondents totaled over 50,000 people altogether, ages between 25 and 45, with fewer than 3% of the respondents failing to answer one or more of the questions. The questions pertained to sexual practices, childbearing, and family structures, although questions regarding cannabis use was also included.

You can read more about the study here, although the senior author of the study, Michael Eisenberg, MD, noted that cannabis use, misjudged in the past for impairing sexual performance or motivation, may actually be associated with “increased coital frequency.” Eisenberg also provided the statistic that cannabis users have about 20% more sex than respondents that did not consume pot.

Cannabis Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day 2019

If your partner is one of the 55 million (and climbing!) Americans that consume marijuana currently, then there are some gifts that might be perfect for them. Here are the gift ideas we found that could be exactly what they’ve been missing – an ideal situation if they’re hard to shop for or you’ve been scrambling to try to find a gift that feels right.

Cannabis-Infused Chocolates

Chocolates are a Valentine’s cliché that never gets old.  Always a thoughtful treat, Défoncé steps it up a notch by providing a wide selection of cannabis-infused chocolates.  Each unique in flavor and intensity, there’s presently Vanilla, Matcha, Milk Chocolate, Coffee, Mint, Dark, Hazelnut, and Dark Plus, each with 90MG of THC.  The wild array of flavors means there’s something that just about anyone would enjoy, unique to their preference and palate.

Accessories or a New Piece

Stock your partner up with cannabis accessories through Sweetflag and set them up for an amazing experience from start to finish.  On a budget or they already have everything they could need?  The unique thing about Sweetflag is the Experience option at the bottom of the website.  You can take a look for yourself here, but get ready for a wild ride!

Make Edibles at Home

Edibles have had a bad rep in the past for taking hours to prepare even the cannabutter portion of the recipe.  Wanting to speed up the process and create a more efficient method for making edibles, Ardent engineered the first in-home decarboxylation device.  It quietly decarbs cannabis accurately while remaining odorless throughout the process.

Not only is this an ideal treat for Valentine’s Day for someone who’s been experimenting with edibles at home already, but it’s a great way to save them money on cannabis at the same time. The device utilizes every last bit of THC in your green to allow for a full decarb.  Once the weed has been decarbed, you run it through a second cycle to infuse it with oil or butter and create cannabutter or cannaoil in about two hours compared to the alternative of eight to twelve.

Cannabis Lube

That’s right, you read that correctly – there is a brand of lube, Foria Pleasure, that infuses their lube with cannabis, and for good reason too.  Designed for women, it’s the “original arousal lube.”  Infused with the THC in cannabis (or CBD worldwide!), the lube diminishes discomfort, heightens pleasure sensations, and it can be a fun experiment to spice things up on a holiday.  A gift that’s sure to at least make them laugh, it’s an intimate present that’s just perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Sexy Strains of Cannabouquets

There will never be a year where flowers aren’t a thoughtful gift, but why buy something that’s just going to sit in a vase and eventually die?  Give them a bouquet of “flowers” they’ll not only enjoy the scent of, but they’ll also be able to utilize.  Cannabouquets incorporate regular flowers with cannabis flowers, so it’s a pretty arrangement and functional present in one swift move.

Additionally, keep track of the specific cannabis strain you’re going to buy for them.  There are some strains that have been anecdotally labeled as strains that can stimulate arousal.  While most of the names certainly don’t sound what you would call “romantic” (there’s a strain named Ultimate Trainwreck on that list), they’re rated to stimulate happiness, arousal, and focus – which can turn into a fairly fun evening in most conditions.

With Valentine’s Day approaching at a violently fast speed, hopefully this guide has made it a bit easier to decide what to finally get your partner for the holiday.  There are certainly other novelty items that are becoming saturated around this time of year, but we’ve picked the best and brightest presents that can fit most cannabis user’s interests.  Think outside the box for what you should get them as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift thanks to the many cannabis brands and companies understanding what their audience is looking for in a cannabis product.  When you think about the smokers and other pot enthusiasts in your life, which gift do you think they’d like the

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