Best 4 Accessories for “Doobage”

When it comes being fashionable while burning, there’s a universe full of wonderful, friendly fun accessories for you to choose from. Who doesn’t love to accessorize? From Bong Cleaner to jockey shorts with marijuana logs, you can find everything under the sun to give to your friend or collect for your personal stash. In this week’s blog, we focus on a few of the best items including links on where to find each item. Get ready to pack a bowl!

First up are the super-ultra-mega-cool joint papers from shopstaywild.com. While their website was under construction when researching, we did find them on Pinterest and we can say these papers are fun and fem. You’ve got to check them out peeps!

Next, we have the beloved grinder. Who can resist the Rainbow Bliss Herb Grinder found at LaidBac? This bad ass online shop will bring you to big heights with swanky threads, and a super slick accent. But, they’ve got some of the most unique looking grinders around. Be sure to drop in and look. P.S. they make sweet gifts for your new friend😉

In addition to the sweet grinders, Laidbac carries some interesting jewelry such as the cassette tape pendant wooden beads bracelet. This thing is tight! The Tan color rocks out with the natural and organic beads and wood. Whoever designed this is GENIUS!

You can’t pick up any magazine or 420 websites without seeing this hot tamale advertised. It’s probably because it’s RAD! Peach Glass is the prettiest darn pipe around with its alluring curves and sensual lines! You’ve got to add this to your collection!

The last attachment you’re going to think is the best, is the friend you have sitting next to you who you share with. Whether you’re on your way to a serious event or you’re hanging out in your hoodie, your best bud is the friend you’re hanging with. Go have fun and find a partner to share it with from High There!

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