Cannabis Art

Art has often been termed as a mirror to one’s soul, a reflection of personal likes, experiences, wishes, attributes, inner demons, and fantasies.  Art is manifested in form of visual arts as well as performing artworks.  While visual arts include painting, photography, print making, and sculptures, performing arts include music, film, theater, and dance; most cannabis users have shown appreciation for art. It’s in their personality. Often than most, persons that love weed are considered sanguine in nature.  They are actively social, enthusiastic and have a liking to arts.  The other three personalities, (choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic) also portray some level of liking for art and especially weed, but sanguine carries the day.  For cannabis enthusiasts, art is a way of indulging yourself into personal likes, experiences, wishes, attributes, inner demons and fantasies in relation to marijuana.

Cannabis Visual Art

Like any other visual arts, cannabis visual arts is manifested in form of photography, paintings, sculptures and crystal balls, among others.  So common is the art, that cannabis enthusiasts hold weed art galleries during events like the 420 international events on the 4th of April; world’s weed day.  There are also live auctions for special weed arts, mostly paintings, and crystal balls, you would not believe how high the auctioned paintings with illustrations of weed leaves and plants could go for.

Cannabis lovers let their love for weed manifest in their homes through custom interior decorations. This comes in form of flower strain paintings, curtains or floor rugs with images of cannabis as well as bedding. Snow and Crystal balls are a great choice for cabinet and bedside accessories.

Apart from visual arts displayed at galleries, cannabis visual art is also manifested through clothing and personal accessories with messages, drawings, and designs of the Cannabis plant. There are unisex T-shirts, pants and baseball caps with weed leaf designs or cannabis – related quotes printed on them. This is arguably an ideal platform to appreciate the level of creativity portrayed by cannabis enthusiasts. Trendy quotes like “God made weed, man made beer, In God we Trust” is printed on such T-shirts.  In some, portraits of popular celebrities known for their love for marijuana, such as the famous Bob Marley or images of cartoon characters like “Super Mario” smoking weed are printed on the T-shirts.

For men, custom-made lapel pins or cufflinks with cannabis leaves designs are popular. For ladies, on the other hand, purses, rings or hair bands with cannabis designs are used. There are many online shopping platforms like Amazon and Etsy that sell cannabis arts.

Performing Cannabis Arts

Music and films make most of this type of cannabis arts. Popular music artists like Rihanna, Nirvana, Mike Skinner, Rick James and Snoop Dogg have recorded popular hits endorsing the use of cannabis. The film industry has also not shied away from performing cannabis arts with actors like Cheech & Chong and even Brad Pitt having shot cannabis movies. You can even check out a comprehensive list of some of the best weed movies here. Moreover, there are karaoke joints that have great weed-songs collections for all your high friends to indulge in.

Weed is a way of life for some. And just like art, it comes to life, through cannabis art.

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