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Did you know it is legal to provide a safe place for people to take weed? Yes, weed might still be illegal in most US states, but cannabis cafes are legal. Anyone aged 21 and above can walk into a cannabis cafe with their own supplies. These cafes operate much like a regular coffee shop. They are simply places that allow people to do what they could have done on the street anyway.

Here are the top cannabis cafes in the united states.

World Famous Cannabis Café

World Famous Cannabis Café, established in 2009, was the first cannabis café in the United States. It is located in Portland Oregon. It was established as a place where Oregon Medical Marijuana Program cardholders could socialize as they consumed marijuana and meditated away. In July 2015, the café opened a new location, still in Portland.

The original café hosts 100 people. Members pay $25 a month. The facility does not sell marijuana but gives it for free. It also serves food but does not serve alcohol.

Club Ned

Club Ned is found in Nederland, Colorado. It was the first legal cannabis Café in the state. Their club’s slogan “a club with altitude” is an understatement of the exclusivity of this safe place for pot smokers. The idea behind the establishment of the club was to have a quiet place where you can light up a joint without the usual judging eyes. It sells cannabis-branded items such as clothing, glass items, and pipes.

The Vapor Spot

The Vapor Spot has four locations in California; West Los Angeles, Sacramento, Hollywood, and Sherman Oaks. It is a safe place for consuming weed. The Vapor Spot focuses on helping people to quit smoking. They sell a variety of flavored marijuana vapes which are used in their vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. It is a place for both marijuana beginners and longtime pot users.

iBake Denver

iBake Denver was the first place to legally smoke weed in the entire Denver Metropolitan area. It is a membership marijuana club that does not sell any marijuana product. You have to go with your own supplies. However, it sells high-end marijuana glass items.

Visit the the club’s website to become a member. It holds monthly membership meetings and other fun events throughout the year including Halloween events and New Year’s events. iBake is open Monday through Thursday from 12 pm to 10 PM and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 AM to midnight.

Barbary Coast Dispensary

Barbary Coast Dispensary is located in San Francisco. And no, it is not just a place for dispensing medical marijuana. It has state-of-the-art leather booths where you can enjoy your marijuana in peace. According to the joint’s executive director, their main focus was the look. The VapeXhale vaporizers on the countertops and the cannabis leaf prints on the stained glass are the only indications that this is a cannabis vaporizing lounge.

Vaporizing medical marijuana concentrates is allowed in the dab bar. Combustible marijuana is allowed in the interior room, which has large space. Visit this cannabis café, and we guarantee you will be “wowed”.

As more states legalize marijuana for recreational use and the growing marijuana trend, we will see the establishment of more cannabis cafes in the near future. Which is your favorite cannabis café or lounge?

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