Cannabis Lingo

For a long time weed has been illegal.  And for this reason, many users have over the decades come up with clever slang words to refer to their favorite herb. There is a whole lexicon of cannabis lingo out there. To fit in with other cannabis fans everywhere you go, you need to know the different marijuana vernacular. This list is a breakdown of the most common, yet vastly used cannabis lingo and its meaning.


This is usually a ceramic, glass or plastic apparatus used to smoke cannabis. It’s similar to a hookah in that it filters smoke through water. Passing the smoke through a bong cools it before inhaling. The process also purifies the smoke, especially when using the more sophisticated bongs. While a simple bong is just a bowl and a stem, a more sophisticated one consists of percolators, ice holders, and ash catchers. The intention for the additional contraptions is to purify and cleanse the smoke even further. In any stoners glass collection, the bong is a staple.

Back cross

A back cross is a hybrid plant that allows the offspring to acquire genetically similar traits from the parent. For instance, a cannabis farmer can breed a plant with its father to make sure it acquires the parents’ height. Ultimately, backcrossing is done to strengthen particular genes and to ensure the survival of the rare ones.


BHO is the acronym for butane hash oil. This term is often erroneously used as a catch-all name for any solvent-based extracts. In its correct meaning, BHO is a potent concentrate of cannabinoids which is made by dissolving cannabis powder in a solvent in its plant form. The most commonly used solvent is butane. The product of this mixture is a thick, sticky oil that has remarkably high THC levels.  BHO is also referred to as dabs, earwax, shatter or honey oil.


As the water in the bong filters the smoke repeatedly, it becomes dirty. It then forms a dark, revolting smelling liquid at the bottom of the bong. This is what is referred to as bong water. If the bong water happens to spill, very unsavory smell will fill the entire room. Spilling bong water is a big NO – unless you want your space to smell like a house haunted by ghosts of long-dead cookies.


Bud is synonymous with the flower of a marijuana plant. The buds are the nugs you crash and smoke. In a marijuana plant, it’s the buds that contain cannabinoids including CBD, THCV, THC, and THCV.

Alcohol extraction

This is the process which involves stripping trichomes and essential oils from the marijuana using isopropyl alcohol or ethyl. Immediately the chemicals filter out the plant material, alcohol evaporates, and a sticky oil remains. To purify further, the hash oil is passed through a vacuum pressure.


This is typical measurement of marijuana, that equates to 3.5 grams.


This is a similar experience to an alcohol-induced blackout. In most cases, it’s the new smokers who fall victim of greening-out since they don’t know their limits. Some symptoms of greening out include blurry vision, paranoia, nausea, and loss of balance.

You now won’t need to scratch your head over when someone mentions “bong.”  Or wonder if “bong water” has anything to do with a purification water brand.

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