Cannabis Strain Types & Recommendations

Whether you’re just getting into the marijuana world or have been at it for a little while, it’s important to learn the different strains of weed out there. This applies to both recreational users and medical marijuana users. Learning about the different strains of marijuana will enable you to discover what you prefer, give you the specific results you want at any given time, and also make your purchasing process easier and more specific.


Below, discover the different marijuana strains in the market.


Cannabis Indica

This is one of the major Cannabis strains the industry. The Indica strain is known to provide a mellow, relaxed, weightless, and relaxed sensation. It’s predominantly the strain in reference in the media. And it’s also the same strain in reference when you recall about the summer of ’69.


Because of its particular set of effects, the Indica strain is best consumed in the evenings when one is looking to relax, to de-stress or to get some good night’s sleep. It’s also a great recreational option when just hanging out and chilling indoors.


Some of the popular Indica strains in the market include Black Beauty, Super Glue, Granddaddy Purple, God’s Gift, Northern Lights, Ice, etc.


Cannabis Sativa

The Sativa strain is the other major option in the marijuana market. Unlike the Indica strain, the Sativa strains provide feelings of bravery, courage, confidence, charisma, energy, and so on. In a way, they provide a completely different high compared to the Indica strains.


As a result, Sativa strains are best used when one is looking to improve their mood. Most people consume this strain during the day as they go about their various duties so that they can remain upbeat. Some great applications include when depressed or feeling anxiety, when undertaking fun outdoor activities, when undertaking hard manual tasks, and when feeling anxious about impending social interactions.


Some of the popular Sativa strains in the market include Maui Waui, Purple Haze, Harlequin, White Fire OG, Ghost Train Haze, Super Sour Diesel, Charlotte’s Web, etc.



Hybrids are blended strains of both the Sativa and the Indica strains. They provide the best of both worlds. Most of the hybrid strains may lean more towards being Sativa or Indica depending on the concentrations of each applied. As a result, each particular hybrid offers a completely different experience.


Hybrids are ideal for tokers who want to feel a more balanced high, as opposed to feeling either mellow or upbeat. Once you learn about the different hybrid strains, you can start to consume strains that offer you the right balance of Sativa and Indica based on what you’re looking to feel.


Common hybrid strains in the market include Pineapple Express, Trainwreck, Chernobyl, White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, OG, Kush, Wonder Woman, Mendo Purps, etc.


It’s not possible to name all the strains available under these three main strain categories on this post. However, the information above should be enough to guide you as you sample the different strains out there. Note that new strains are introduced into the market regularly. Also, each strain variety has different levels of THC and some can be quite potent.

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