Cannabis Tourism Is Gaining Traction

If your wanderlust is taking the reins more than usual, but you’re not looking to escape to a desolate beach or some tropical paradise, it might be time for a cannabis vacation.  This is where you travel to the state of your choice that offers legal, recreational marijuana for purchase over the counter.

States that have legalized the sale of recreational cannabis have seen dramatic increases in tourism since passing that legislation.  With this increase in tourism, states are lobbying to increase the flexibility that cannabis proprietors have on opening cannabis lounges, cafes, and more.  Let’s see which states offer the most attractive cannabis benefits to budding tourists and how you can make your next vacation marijuana-focused.

How Did Cannabis Vacations Get Started?

Anyone following the developments of the cannabis industry since Colorado legalized recreational cannabis in 2014 knows that there has been a boom in legalization legislation across the country since then.  Let’s look at what Colorado, Alaska, and California have been doing to increase tourism with help from cannabis.


In Colorado alone, cannabis tourism has grown 51% since 2014, according to a report from the state’s department of revenue. Last year, cannabis sales were so impressive in Colorado that they outpaced alcohol sales in Aspen for the first time ever.  Colorado has been pushing to free any regulatory hurdles that cannabis businesses may be predisposed to by legalizing dispensaries, weed-friendly hotels, and marijuana tours.  This, in itself, makes Colorado the mecca for cannabis tourism for the forseeable future.


It wasn’t too long after Colorado legalized recreational cannabis that Alaska followed suit.  The state is perfectly suited to be a cannabis tourist’s state of choice.  Even though you can’t smoke weed in public in Alaska, you can smoke weed on private property (check the property’s smoking policy in advance of doing this of course). Just think of gazing at the only Aurora Borealis in the U.S., the largest glaciers in North America, and the vast tundras filled with endangered and protected wildlife while enjoying legal marijuana.  Euphoric doesn’t even come close to explaining how amazing that sounds.


From the fantastic year round weather to the stunning national parks and famous coastal highway, California has it all.  It also has several “wine and weed” tours are becoming increasingly more popular since recreational cannabis was legalized as of 1 January 2018.  Overall, California is the state of choice for cannabis connoisseurs, looking to sample a bit of everything.  Although further legalization talks are picking up in California to accommodate the inclusion of lounges and cafes, the state currently features a hotbed of eclectic cannabis culture that is perfect for anybody looking for an escape from their 9-5.

How Cannabis Tourism Creates Opportunities for States

When you add weed-friendly hotels that invite guests to stay and smoke with restaurants offering cannabis-infused cuisine, it opens up many doors for states to pump profits into their piggy banks.  Until recently, states have shied away (for the most part) from advertising legalized cannabis consumption to the masses.  But after word of mouth and the internet has drawn in new audiences from teenagers to septuagenarians to cannabis, states can no longer stay silent about the cornucopia of legalized marijuana that falls between their borders.

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