The Best Strains for Medicinal Use


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Recreationally speaking – this question is entirely subjective. But if there are specific health benefits you are looking for, there are some recommendations we can make.

Whether you’re looking to improve your sleep, reduce pain, or prevent nausea, there are strains that are grown to help provide these benefits.

States with access to safe, legal cannabis can give us some insight into the profile of a typical cannabis consumer. Unsurprisingly, one survey found that 75% of self-reported cannabis consumption was for recreational purposes. But it was users with the most frequent consumption patterns who cited both recreational and medicinal benefits as key objectives.

In some cases you may find that a strain with recreational value has undesirable side effects when used regularly. Some people may even consider that a fair trade off. But there are strains that may be better suited for medicinal use.

The health benefits of cannabis have been widely publicized. Studies researching the effectiveness of cannabis in the treatment cancer, IBS, anxiety, weight loss, and dozens of other health issues.

There is still a lot we need to learn, but one common perception is that cannabis is a natural, healthy alternative. while we may not have the science to understand why, we do have anecdotal reports and personal experiences to go off of.

These reports in combination with improved cultivation techniques have driven a lot of the innovation in the cannabis industry. Popular strains can be carefully grown to produce more predictable results.

Below, we have produced several guides that help you find the most popular strains used in treating certain health issues.

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