Come Down Off Your Cannabis Trip with a Little CBD

Come Down Off Your Cannabis Trip with a Little CBD

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Have you ever had such a bad weed trip that it’s tough to feels nearly impossible to come down from your high? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Although many researchers may not have had the first-hand experience with a bad trip like you did, they still are feverishly working to find a cure for the psychosis that the THC in marijuana can cause.

Recently, researchers have made a breakthrough and found that this type of psychosis can be counteracted by simply taking CBD. Let’s dive more into this to see what makes this combination tick and if you should pop a little CBD to come down off your next cannabis trip.

THC vs. Psychosis

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana that gives you the “high” sensation. Researchers found that when THC was administered to patients by itself, that it was able to explicitly stimulate a specific extracellular-signal regulated kinase (ERK) pathway that triggers anxiety-like behavior. This cannabis-induced psychosis (CIP) is triggered by an impairment of blood flow and glucose metabolism in regions associated with maturation, meaning that younger individuals are more susceptible to CIP than older adults (in theory).

Cannabis was found by another study to be involved in as many as 50% of cases of psychosis, schizophrenia, and schizophreniform episodes although the exact neurobiological processes are not fully understood. This has led the medical community to believe that prescribing medical marijuana to younger patients in need would be negligent. This has led researchers to try and find a way to subdue CIP which brings us to research on using CBD in conjunction with THC.

CBD As An Antipsychotic

A new study examining the relationship between CBD and psychosis found that CBD may partially normalize dysfunction in the several key parts of the brain. Of course, CBD has been found to possess impressive antipsychotic effects with many individuals replacing their prescription of Zoloft for CBD pills, oils or edibles. Scientists have long hypothesized a balance between CBD and THC in marijuana is important, thus the reason why they are so focused on finding a direct link between CBD and a decrease in psychotic episodes.

Overall, one of the main advantages of CBD is that it is safe and seems to be very well tolerated, making it in some ways an ideal treatment choice for many suffering from some type of mental health disorder. If replicable, the study offers the first evidence-based explanation for how CBD works in the brain to counteract psychosis, with results that could help generate new treatments.

Combining THC and CBD

Recently, a research team at the University of Western Ontario found that CBD blocks the ability of THC to overstimulate the ERK pathway in the hippocampus, thereby preventing negative side effects such as psychosis from occurring. These important findings are a step in the right direction for researchers and doctors alike. They represent a significant push forward for potentially prescribing cannabis to patients and informing them on long-term cannabis use.

What this study found was that the more prone an individual is to cannabis-related side-effects, the more important it is to limit their use to only strains with a high CBD and low THC content. Future studies are already in the works, with the team looking to find out If CBD turns out to be the effective antipsychotic that the first survey results would lead you to believe it is.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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