Cooking With Cannabis: It’s Not Just For Brownies

Cooking With Cannabis: It’s Not Just For Brownies

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In case you don’t know, Cannabis has for a long time been used in meals. And not just in recent times.  There are records showing use of Cannabis centuries ago. Today, you can take your love for weed to the next level by preparing meals with it.  This is a great idea for those using medical marijuana or those looking to consume weed in other ways apart from dabbing or smoking.  But we’re not just talking about the traditional brownies here.  You can take cooking with cannabis to a whole new level. Read on to learn more.

Use extracts/oils

If you really want to cook with cannabis like a pro, learn about Cannabis extracts or Cannabis oils.  These are more refined and more concentrated versions of the very same strains you know and love.  You can learn how to prepare them yourself or you can buy them from your local weed dispensary/store.  The best for cooking use are Canna oil, Cannabutter, and Cannabis coconut oil. Just use these in place of oil or add them to your butter when cooking – it’s that easy.  The THC will seep into the oil and spread its flavors to your meal as you cook.

Use the right amounts of extracts

As mentioned earlier, extracts are more concentrated than what you will find in your usual toking buds.  The THC content here can be as concentrated as 25% or three times that amount.  Be sure to check the concentration when buying. More importantly, input the right amounts when cooking.  Packed in small bottles, all you need to do is add a few drops to your recipe.  Measure the amounts you use in milligrams and use sparingly depending on how large your meal is and how faded you plan on getting.

Use oil-based cooking methods

THC dissolves in oil. And when you’re cooking with Cannabis, you want the THC components to mix in with the food properly.  To help with that, therefore, mix the Cannabis oils with oil.  If you mix them with water, they won’t dissolve and you won’t get the results you’re hoping to get.  This is why most Cannabis recipes are composed of oil-rich foods such as baked goods or fried meals.


The best thing about using Cannabis oils to cook your weed-flavored dishes is that you can add them to just about anything you want.  Just add a few droplets into your meal and stir away.  It’s so easy to do.  You can do this with your breakfast, tea, snacks, etc. Some of the favorites when it comes to cooking with Cannabis include soups, chocolates, cakes, ice cream, bread jams, banana fritters, and cookies. You can check out more recipe ideas here.  Or you can try Cannabis cooking classes such as this one.

A word of caution though; be careful with the amounts of Cannabis extracts you use.  This cannot be stressed enough. Don’t use too much first time. It’s better to use less the first time and keep upping the concentration as you learn the ropes.  Also, if you don’t get high on the first take, don’t rush to eat some more, give it time.  Cannabis edibles can take over an hour to kick in.  So be patient.

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