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Best Games You Can Grow Weed In

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August 26, 2021

Nurturing your own plant from seed to harvest, watching your green flowers slowly grow and crystalize, trimming away seed and stem alike to keep only the best, trichome-bursting buds behind – It’s a wonderful thought, but having your own grow op can be… less than feasible, depending on where you live and what your overall situation is like. Still, there’s always room to dream, right?

It may not be exactly the same, but where real life disappoints, virtual life steps in to fill the gap. If you’re looking for a weed growing game that’ll help scratch that grow op itch, we’ve got several contenders below, ranging from serious simulations to the more light-hearted. Here’s High There’s list of the best games you can grow weed in:

High There’s List of the Best Games That Let You Grow Weed

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Cheech & Chong Bud Farm, by LRDLY Games

Cheech & Chong Bud Farm


One of the most recent – and popular – games on our list, Cheech & Chong Bud Farm is an idle game featuring the titular iconic stoner duo, who have leant their cartoony likenesses to this hilarious title.

If you’ve played other entries in LRDLY’s “Bud Farm” series you’re already familiar with the basic gameplay: Establish and upgrade various cannabis-related businesses, hire & train assorted staff/crew, and watch your empire grow.

Fairly standard stuff, and all done with LDRLY’s usual attention to detail & fun, but what truly sets this latest Bud Farm title apart are both it’s characters and its setting.

Taking place in the 1970s rather than modern day, Cheech & Chong Bud Farm puts players back in a time when cannabis was both taboo and incredibly illegal, ultimately pitting our light-headed duo against local law enforcement.

Though played lightly and for a laugh (as pretty much any Cheech & Chong game probably would) there’s an undertone of seriousness in the setting that’s hard to ignore; even with a sense of humor behind the game’s (highly amusing) writing it’s hard to ignore the reminder that our more modern attitudes toward cannabis haven’t always been the case.

Still, this is a Cheech & Chong game, so anyone expecting deep dives into the nature of social injustice may be leaving a bit disappointed. And sometimes, that’s a good thing. Who better than Cheech & Chong to remind us that some days, it’s ok to let your cares


Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm


Artist and entrepreneur both, Wiz Khalifa is a true force in the music industry and beyond.

Past his #1 hits and numerous awards, Mr. Khalifa is not just an avid cannabis smoker and spokesperson, he even has his own strain; “Khalifa Kush”, created in partnership with

. Meaning if you’re looking for someone to give you advice on your grow op? Wiz Khalifa is a pretty good choice.

In “Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm” by Metamoki you’ll get the chance to do just that – Given an indoors growing plot and the opportunity to use it, you’ll get encouragement and advice from the likeness of Wiz as you grow, offering tips & generally serving as a welcoming host to the title.

Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm, by Metamoki (and Wiz Khalifa)

Gameplay isn’t very different from other free-to-play idle games, wherein growing, harvesting, and selling your crops over time is the main feature.

Fun and enjoyable enough even without the presence of Mr. Khalifa, colorful graphics and a host of collectables (accessories, strains, grow lights, etc.) will keep bringing players back for more.

Hempire, by LBC Studios



Hempire is an idle game, much like many others on our list, and is a bit of an older title (being launched in April of 2017), but discounting Hempire without taking a look would be mistake.

Hempire’s devoted team has spent years continually updating and improving Hempire from it’s humble roots, and it shows with the truly robust amount of content this title contains.

Featuring a variety of in-game locations (and mechanics to go with them), Hempire has a full list of activities to keep players entertained, with systems for crafting edibles, cross-breeding strains, and many more.

Hempire skews for a slightly more mature look and feel than many other cannabis-growing mobile games, with a bright & fun art style that stays away from being overly cartoony (and features more than a few pop culture references sure to be recognizable).

With an active dev team and regular updates, it’s hard to go wrong with checking out Hempire for sheer amount of available content alone.



Not just a grow tent, not just a basement op, CannaFarm gives you the whole farm to play with. Featuring a wide variety of cannabis strains available, CannaFarm is a continually-updated title with tons to do.

With both growing and strain breeding mechanics, players can choose from & collect over 120 different varietals of weed, filling out the in-game “CannaPedia” with knowledge about strains and other cannabis facts.

CannaFarm leans heavy on it’s social features as well, letting players aid each other’s farms and compete via various leaderboard rankings.

Starring an attractive, cartoony 3D art style CannaFarm stylistically sets itself apart from other mobile weed games, and with an active developer constantly adding in new activities and features, this is a title likely to offer entertainment for a long time to come.

CannaFarm by Greenhouse Games

simLeaf by SL Technology Group, LLC



If you’re looking for a mobile game that’s less “game” and more simulator, the simLeaf app by SL Technology Group is here to fill that niche.

A paid app, simLeaf is designed to replicate the various factors of growing a cannabis plant as accurately as possible – Humidity, temperature control, water regulation, soil acidity, lighting type/strength and many more very real aspects of growing marijuana are included.

Featuring in-depth tutorials and growing guides, simLeaf is designed to help players learn the real-world ins-and-outs of cannabis growing, from seed to harvest, and even includes mechanics allowing players to simulate cross-breeding and cultivating new strains.

Though not a free-to-play title, simLeaf’s price on the Play & iOS stores won’t break the bank, and for anyone interested in the serious realities of growing cannabis, taking a look at simLeaf might be worth your time.

Weed Farm Tycoon: Ganja Paradise


Want to branch out from growing weed into some… slightly more exotic plants? Weed Farm Tycoon offers a bevvy of interesting flora to explore.

With fairly standard “mobile idle game” mechanics in place, Weed Farm Tycoon has a cute & cartoony art style that lends a lot of variety to the various plants it allows you to harvest; not content with just cannabis, Weed Farm Tycoon also allows players to grow & cultivate mushrooms and cacti (both of the psychedelic variety) in a host of bright shapes and colors.

Weed Farm Tycoon: Ganja Paradise by Pavel M

However, even with an extended plant roster Weed Farm Tycoon may not be quite as robust as other titles on our list; sadly it’s last update was in 2020, which typically isn’t a good sign for future content additions.

But with fun & attractive art and a unique lineup of plants cannabis-and-otherwise to grow, there are worse ways to spend your screen time. We think giving this Ganja Paradise a shot might be worth it.

Lil Pothead, by Miho Oseto

Lil Pothead


Not quite a “weed growing simulator” but more “What if Tamagotchi, But Weed?”, Lil Pothead is a very literal name, wherein you, the player, will need to take care of your growing pot plant.

Your smack-talking, pizza-eating, anthropomorphic pot plant.

Yeah, it’s a little surreal.

Currently only available on iOS, Lil Pothead is again more of a virtual pet game than any kind of growing simulator – You’ll need to take care of your pet plant’s various needs and desires (such as smoking weed, or… talking about it’s divorce…), eventually trimming and harvesting the buds it produces.

Lil Pothead is a loudmouth smart@$$ and we’d be lying if we said there wasn’t a… particular and somewhat ‘rough’ sense of humor needed to truly enjoy this game.

But for those intrigued by the concept of helping a hilariously insulting talking weed plant avoid bugs, stay sober (ish), and make you some fat stacks? Lil Pothead might just be your best new bud.

Weed Firm 2: Back to College


Have you ever had the thought “Man, it’d be awesome to sell weed to Soulja Boy and then go smoke up with some aliens”?

If so, then… you are likely one of the developers of Weed Firm 2: Back to College. BUT, if that concept sounds appealing to you in any way, as it turns out, there’s a game custom-made for your space-blazing desires.

Weed Firm 2 (sequel to the original “Weed Firm” title and third in the series) places you in the role of a college student, doing what they can to make money by selling buds to an ever-growing client base and avoiding agents of the law who are less-than-pleased with your activities.

Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon Koolbros

To say that Weed Firm has a wide array of activities to partake in would be an understatement – As mentioned above expect your business to expand far beyond your humble college dorm and into some pretty exotic locales, including A Very Familiar-Looking Desert RV and literal outer space.

If you’re looking for a full-featured title that keeps things both light and interesting, Weed Firm 2 has a lot to offer.

Wrapping Up

Finding good smoking games isn’t hard, particularly on mobile. With a wide cast of celebrity endorsments & likenesses there’s bound to be something that grabs your attention, and though we would love to see more serious weed growing simulation games on the market there’s bound to be an enterprising game producer out there just waiting to craft the perfect cannabis grow op simulator (who knows, maybe it’s even you!)

No matter what your pleasure we hope our list has given you a few good weed games to check out the next time you’re having fun on the phone. And hey, if you get bored with tapping by yourself, maybe

while you’re at it (never let it be said we’re above a shameless plug). Happy gaming, happy smoking!

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