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19 Awesome Things to do While High

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March 3, 2021

The amount of times people get high and then do absolutely nothing is completely unacceptable. While sitting around and getting the dreaded couch lock is fine sometimes… it’s also BORING. You should take advantage of your heightened senses and definitely give some of these activities a try instead. Cannabis can activate our minds in a way that helps us get creative, see or hear things differently, and even change the intensity of our senses. Some of the best experiences happen while high when you try something new, do something you typically wouldn’t, or simply take the time to be mindful of the present moment.

Depending on the strain of marijuana you’ve smoked, you may feel either hyped-up and inspired or sluggish and lazy. Take note of how you feel after smoking, and then decide what type of activity you want to do. Or, if you want to pre-plan your day or night, make sure you know if you’re smoking an Indica or Sativa. You shouldn’t plan to go to a theme park after smoking an Indica strain…. and you shouldn’t plan on taking a serious nap after smoking a Sativa. As we all know, Indica cannabis strains can typically make you feel lazier, while Sativa strains provide a more stimulating high.

The following is a list of our favorite activities to do while high! Some of these things will make great bucket list activities if you aren’t a regular cannabis user. The list of things to do while high is broken up into fun, creative, relaxing, and most stereotypical stoner things to do while high for your convenience.

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Fun Things to do While High

Spend Time in Nature

Before we get into all of the other activities, you should try when you’re high, we have to start with this one. As humans, we need to be appreciative of the planet that we live on. The Earth provides so much for us, literally our lives, so we need to give back to it. Getting high and going on a hike is such a peaceful experience. If you can’t get to a hiking location, even spending a couple of hours outdoors with a book shows appreciation for nature. Get outside, take a walk, and you will notice the beauty of the flowers, plants, clouds, and everything else so much more when you are high. Spend some time to give your appreciation and thanks to beautiful Mother Nature and really take in all the beauty of the environment around you. Just be careful not to get lost. You don’t want that.

Go to a Theme Park

If you live in an area that is close to an amusement park, this is a no-brainer. Remember how fun theme parks used to be as a kid? Now imagine that amount of fun and excitement, but instead, you are stoned out of your mind with your friends. Smoke some weed, get to an amusement park (safely), and go on as many rides as you can possibly fit in the day. If you don’t get nauseous easily, going on a rollercoaster high is the coolest sensation you’ll ever experience. If you don’t like going on rollercoasters, amusement park food will definitely satisfy your munchies at the very least.

See a Comedy Show

Comedy shows are hilarious, but going to one after taking an edible is incomparable. Do you think your friends are funny when you’re high? Then a professional joke-master is going to be even funnier. Of course, if you’ve got the giggles, you might be the only one laughing at the bad jokes, but at least your supporting the comedian when no one else will. If you really want to make this one memorable, before the show, try one of the strains known to make you laugh! Learn More:

Board Games

Getting high and playing board games will dismantle the idea that “there is a reason why they are called bored games…” So next time you get together with your friends, ask everybody to bring a board game to play. This is a great idea if you want to stay home and chill but also have a great time. Of course, you may need the rules explained several times if you’re trying to play a new game, but at least it will be funny.

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Creative Things to do While High


Drawing is another creative activity that really blossoms after marijuana use. Choose a strain that is THC-dominant to really unleash the true artist within you. You’ll be surprised what ideas come to you when you put pencil to paper and just let go. You can even do drawing challenges where you pick a prompt of something online and then see what creative juices get stimulated. A great prompt is to look at something in your room and try to draw it without lifting the pencil off of the paper so that your drawing is all connected. Adult tracing books are surprisingly fun too. 

Play or Make Music

If you are a musician or just someone who thoroughly enjoys playing an instrument, you have to try making music after you’ve smoked weed. The creativity that gets unlocked when you’ve got marijuana in you is ever-flowing. The most fun part of playing an instrument is learning it, so take this time to enjoy the process. Some of the most classic music in the history of music was created while the musician was high. If you’re with a friend, bounce ideas off each other, the possibilities are endless! Give it a try!


Painting is another creative activity that will flourish after a bit of cannabis encouragement. Painting can be a bit freer when it comes to art activities because you can get really abstract with paint, think,

. Speaking of Van Gogh, he is on the list of famous artists who took inspiration from smoking weed. It doesn’t come to much surprise since his work is phenomenal, and we all know that phenomenal and marijuana just go hand-in-hand. So get your supplies out and get to painting! If you don’t have brushes, finger painting is also a highly-acclaimed art form by many first-grade teachers.

Bake Something

Baking just has to go on the list. For no other reason than to say when you are baked, you should bake. Am I right, or am I right? Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, banana bread, muffins… hungry yet?

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Most Stoner Things to do While High

Play Video Games

Every girlfriend’s nightmare… video games. Or even worse! Getting high and playing video games. Is there anything that says I’m a lazy stoner more than getting baked and gaming? Now that that’s out of the way let’s ditch the stereotype and actually talk about how satisfying playing video games is while high. Depending on the strain that you’ve had, a quick-twitch reaction-type game might not be the best option. But any video game that is immersive and explorative is super fun. Open world games where you get to roam around and explore within a story plot are the most fun to get lost in when you’re high. Stay tuned for an article about the best video games to play while high.

Watch a Movie

There are some fricken weird movies out there folks… and watching them with a sober mind can sometimes just be painful. But, after smoking some good weed, they turn into masterpieces that you probably never would have experienced without the help of mary-j. Watching a weird animated film, an intense psychological thriller, a hilarious comedy, or even an educational documentary will all be even better after smoking a joint—A complete list of the all-time best movies to watch while high is coming soon.

Binge a TV Show

We used to look forward to as kids when a TV show would play a marathon of our favorite show on TV. You can’t complain about back-to-back episodes of Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now, we have the luxury of streaming TV shows with no interruptions on Netflix. Having a TV show binge night is the best. Set yourself the whole day or night to just binge through a tv show, start to finish.

Eat Snacks

Snacks just taste better when you’re high… it’s just a fact. A go-to food combination is salty and sweet. For some reason, peanut butter cups are a thousand times more heavenly after getting high — and you can eat much more of them too. Get creative with your snack choices. Some of the best food combinations come from experimenting with flavors when you are high. So go ahead, give your taste buds an experience of a lifetime.

People Watch

Okay, hear me out… watching people do regular day-to-day stuff can be absolutely hilarious when you’re high. If you are really struggling to find something to do after you’ve gotten high, head to the streets with a friend (it might be kind of creepy… don’t be creepy) and just watch how humans naturally behave. Create stories about someone, and have fun with it! Just make sure you don’t get too invested and need to follow them around the city…

Get Intimate

We just cannot ignore that getting frisky with someone while high is the best feeling ever. With a heightened sense of touch, there’s no denying that sex feels amazing. So find yourself a consenting partner and go crazy. Just be safe kids.

YouTube Videos

We all know about the many, long, deep, and dark rabbit holes that can be found on YouTube. And we seem to always stumble upon them at the most inconvenient times. But, if you make it your only activity for the night to get lost in the mysterious unknown world that is odd YouTube videos, being high is the only way to do it. Some great ones to start with are

, , and . Then, make sure you follow down the rabbit hole by continuing to watch videos from the related or suggested options. Good luck, and see you in a few days.

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Relaxing Things to do While High

Pamper Yourself

I don’t care who you are, if you say you don’t enjoy a bubble bath and a face mask, every once in a while, you are lying. Please don’t fight me on it. Get high, run the tub, add some bubbles, pour some wine, light a candle, play some good tunes and just let yourself enjoy some well-deserved me-time. We spend too much time worrying, stressing, and perfecting. Give yourself time to just completely unwind and take time to treat yourself to some self-care.


If you’ve wanted to get into meditation, but can’t seem to find the focus with a sober mind, consider getting high and listening to a guided mediation to get in the zone. Meditation is extremely beneficial for the mind and body but can be difficult to focus on without practice. Sometimes the hardest thing you could ask someone to do is to do absolutely nothing. Do not think and do not move for 10 minutes. Most people cannot actually do this. Learning to control your thoughts and emotions takes practice, and meditation is the way to do so.


Stretch it out! Get on your mat, listen to music, and just focus on how your body feels. Yoga is an excellent activity to do while high because you are typically more aware of tension in the body, pain, or areas that need to be stretched out. With the heightened awareness of how your body feels, doing yoga will allow you to spend more time in stretches that you may not have the patience for with a sober mind. Namaste!


We simply cannot deny the fact that getting bundled up in bed, underneath a mountain of blankets, and sinking your head into a comfortable pillow is the absolute best feeling in the world after getting high. Sleeping is, honestly, such an underrated activity. So many people use cannabis to sleep better if they suffer from insomnia or restless sleep. This is us giving you total approval to just go to sleep. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed buds bite!


We hope that this list has inspired you to be creative, explorative, and adventurous the next time you enjoy some cannabis with friends or by yourself. It can be really easy to just get into the habit of smoking and chilling – which is fine, but there is so much potential for great times and adventure if you let your senses guide you into an experience you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Let’s dismantle the idea that pot-heads are lazy and useless. So much incredible work, art, music, and business have sprouted from the brains of cannabis users. People don’t allow themselves to enjoy the wonderful beauty of the world enough. We are so often consumed and distracted by the tediousness of everyday life, and we take for granted the simplicities of our world. What we love about cannabis is that it allows us to fully appreciate the little things in life, the way our taste buds taste, the way our eyes see nature, the way we feel when we are with a lover. There is beauty in everything around us, and we need to show thanks and appreciation for it whenever we can.

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