Gina and Steven posing by Steve's motorcycle and smoking joints

Courtesy of Gina and Steve

Meet the High There Couple! Gina and Steve Found Love on the App

Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

By Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

October 20, 2022

Hey — those who smoke weed together

, right? As the community manager at High There, I love a great meeting story between stoners! While our app is a safe community that’s connecting likeminded cannabis enthusiasts, it’s also been known for helping cannabis lovers . This happens often and shows off how fantastic our online app community can be for making meeting new friends!

When I saw Gina (username is @RockyBalboa on the High There app) post about how she met her man over three years ago on the app, I knew I had to reach out and learn more about them! Gina is a sweetheart; she works as an accountant and is a huge fan of the green plant! Her partner, Steve, is a working man passionate about weed and motorcycles. Sounds like a match made in weed heaven to us.

Courtesy of Gina and Steve

We sat down with Gina to learn more about her, how love grew between her and Steve, and her thoughts on why High There is such a peaceful community for cannabis lovers.

The High There Couple: A Budding Romance

High There: So tell us how it all began! What attracted you guys to one another?

Gina: So I received some photos of him through the app, and I was like, “He must be better looking in person.” I had online dated so much before. Like in the picture of us on our first date, you can feel the chemistry. He was in San Diego and gave me his phone number, and we met, and I just kept touching his shoulder. It was super muscular, and we just chain-smoked pot for the whole evening, for hours; it felt like the days never ended.

We were friends for three months, then we made a hardcore commitment where he is loyal, and I’m loyal. So we’re just engaged for the rest of our lives. We did “wedding photos” for our commitment ceremony. And the motorcycle pictures were our engagement pictures.

Courtesy of Gina and Steve

HT: That is such a beautiful commitment to make to one another. What was the plan for the first date?

Gina: It was like a spur of the moment. Like, “What are you doing right now?”

It was around 2 o’clock on a sunny day, and I ended up not putting sunblock on and coming home with a decent amount of sun because we just literally chain smoked like we were drinking water for hours. It was funny because I had a pack of joints. He had a pack of joints. We both realized that neither of us ever leaves the house without a pack of joints. He brought along some homegrown weed, and mine was more greenhouse-grown.

We just really hit it off. He would start coming over almost every day, unannounced, uninvited. He would just sit in my backyard, and I’d feed him. And then, honestly, when I finally went to his place, I realized he doesn’t have a fork, spoon or even a plate. And so I thought he was coming over to hang out with me. He was coming over to eat and would literally come over every day. He had recently broken up with a girl that he was seeing. And then, I don’t know, he’s like a dog you feed once, and then he keeps coming back! [laughs]

Courtesy of Gina and Steve

HT: That is so funny.

Two Different Worlds Drawn Together

Gina: I’m an accountant, so I live a different lifestyle in a different world than his. And it’s kind of interesting that we come from two different worlds. I mean, we like to do the same things we have in common; the little things are enormous. It just makes life simpler and smoother to have all the little things, you know, when you go to the grocery store, we just want the same things, and it’s so lovely.

Some say, “Oh, you have to have this and that in common.” But I’ve realized that sometimes those bigger things don’t matter as much as the little things in life.

HT: That is very beautiful. Do you mind sharing a little bit about Steve with us?

Gina: I’m a full-time accountant. Steve works full-time at a local factory. He’s also part of a motorcycle group that he enjoys.

He’s really into his motorcycle. And I enjoy riding on the back of it! [laughs]

Courtesy of Gina and Steve

HT: What’s your favorite way to consume as a couple?

Gina: Well, he grows. And then I buy it from a grower. We don’t share marijuana because it’s too expensive. We share joints here and there, but we both have different approaches and timeframes where we enjoy smoking.

High There’s App is Perfect for Making Connections

HT: What would you say to other people considering joining the app? What could they get out of being a part of the community?

Courtesy of Gina and Steve

Gina: I have some friends that I can speak honestly with. And I think I could speak more honestly with them because I’ve never met them.

I can be 100 percent honest with people, and I like this. You’ll have the same things in common, like girls or smoking being hippie, you know, a peaceful world. It’s almost like we’re a hippie community with a little more than peace. No one’s over there talking about politics. You know, it’s like putting a happy positive. It’s a positive place to go. And right now, the world needs positive things.

It’s positive for me. It’s something positive.

HT: Thank you so much for sharing your perspective and personal story with us, Gina! We appreciate you being such a big part of our growing community.

Courtesy of Gina and Steve

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