Homemade Pipes and DIY Bongs: Budget Weed Smoking Hacks

Homemade Pipes and DIY Bongs: Budget Weed Smoking Hacks

apple pipe
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Travelling abroad with no way to smoke? Out camping and left the pipe at home? Had to choose between a dime bag or a pack of papers to put it in? We’ve all been there: A nice big green bud in one hand and a trusty lighter in the other, only with no graceful way to combine the two.

Thankfully smoking never has to be too far from reach, and with a little knowhow and a willingness to improvise, you can make homemade weed pipes and bongs out of a wide variety of objects. We’ll start with some of the more complex techniques and work our way down on how to smoke on a truly tight budget.

Disclaimer: The smoke and fumes resulting from heating many modern plastics are considered highly toxic and should not be inhaled. Any procedures listed below are for educational purposes only and should not be attempted a full understanding of potential health risks. High There, it’s editorial team, and it’s staff/associates are not responsible for any injuries resulting from attempts to follow these directions. Do Not Try These At Home.

water bottle bong

Bottle Bong

The classic bottle bong relies on an empty soda or other plastic bottle (16oz+ recommended) and an ink pen. Empty the pen and fashion a bowl-shape at the end using tin foil, then poke a hole in your bottle for the pen. Fill the bottle with water and the pen’s bowl with cannabis and tada – Instant (sorta) bong. Honestly not a terrible smoking device, though getting the tinfoil to work can be tricky.

Pen Pipe

This is pretty much the pen component from the bottle bong technique, only without the, well, bottle. Though quicker to slap together this method tends to leave a lot to be desired – The upright stance of the pen inside the bottle makes it a lot easier to hit and fashion a bowl for, making this pipe difficult to smoke.

apple pipe

Fruit: Apple Pipes & Banana Pipes

If there’s anything more natural than smoking weed out of a piece of fruit I certainly couldn’t tell you what it is. The apple pipe is the classic model – Make an “L”-shaped hollow inside your apple, place some weed in tin foil and the tin foil on the top hole, light and smoke from the hole in the side. Though it can get a bit messy it’s still a classic for a reason.

Bananas can also work: Cut off one tip and hollow it out to serve as your bowl and then, similarly to the above, gently poke a hole through your banana that connects to another hole poked in the top. Set your makeshift bowl into the top of the banana and you’re good to go. Unlike apples, bananas are pretty soft and hard to work with; unless your banana is very green and unripe don’t expect this to work too well the first few times you try

A Glass and Tinfoil

This method is fairly common for hashish but can be used for weed as well. Just place your weed on a small bit of tinfoil, light it, then cover it with glass. Like burning incense it will give off plenty of smoke, which you can then suck up from the glass using something like a straw. Not the most efficient method but it gets the job done

Just Light It & Breathe It In

Failing all else all you really need to get high is weed and flame. Just light your bud on fire, hold it up to your face and do your best to get a good breath of it. Is this efficient? Absolutely not. Is it the best way to get high? Not in the slightest. Will it work? Yes it will.

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