Epic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Significant Other

It’s that time of year, where love and smoke fills the air!  Relationships are budding, old flings are rekindled, lasting loves are never-ending, and our single friends are ready to mingle.  I know that shopping for this sublime holiday is no easy feat; you want to get something personal, but nothing too outlandish, and of course you want to show appreciation for your significant other, but then you don’t want to break the bank.  When you walk into most stores, you’ll find all the red heart decorations and big teddy bears adorning the shelves which is great for the masses, but then you’re left wondering “What can I get my significant stoner for Valentine’s Day?”  Well look no further, because there’s no better gift, than the gift of elevation.

– A Big Ol’ Bag of Weed
- Nothing says I love you more than the simple gift of herb! Not only do these buds last longer than a bouquet of roses, but they will also help your partner relax and enjoy the day with their one and only. – A Custom Weed-spired Card

– Anyone can buy a card off the shelf, but what really shows thought and effort is a handmade card straight from your stoner heart. Some cute and catchy phrases I’ve stumbled upon myself include: “I’m not trying to be BLUNT, but can I HIT THAT?”, “Are you GANJA be mine?”, “Love is a JOINT effort!”, and last but not least is “WEED be great together,” My own personal take on these particular puns is “You and I we’ll never SPLIFF, so come with me and take a HIT!”

– Some ‘Kushage’ for the pushin’!
- If there was ever a strain just for setting the right mood, then that strain would be ‘Kushage’. Crowned by Medical Marijuana Strains as the “official strain of St. Valentine’s Day”, Kushage is a very arousing and uplifting breed of weed. Coupled with some good food and champagne, who knows what’ll happen after you get to puff-puff-passing.

– Edibles, edibles, and MORE edibles
- Have you ever been given a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day?  Have you ever actually tasted those chocolates and not just shove the box in the top shelf of your closet? I didn’t think so. Forget about those typical treats and get your significant stoner something they’d REALLY appreciate! Some THC in my chocolate goes a lot further than the mystery heart-shaped box off the shelf. Weed brownies are a classic choice, but if your significant stoner isn’t a fan of chocolate the possibilities are endless for your weed-infused treats. From weed pizza to weed caramels, the sky’s the limit and the higher you go the better!

I could go on and on with listing different gift ideas for your stoner sweetheart, but at the end of the day what matters most is what comes from your heart. A great gift isn’t just defined by the price tag, but it also falls on the thought put into the gift!  Any of the options I listed above will be sure to put a smile on your beloved’s face. A store-bought card or candy bar would be sweet, but one of these memorable gifts will elevate you and your lover’s high to fiery new heights.

If you’ve decided to use any of these ideas, or came up with some great ones that we missed, let us know on Facebook , Instagram or Twitter!

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