Five Impressive Cannabis Tech Gadgets

With cannabis legalized recreationally or medically across over half of the U.S., a lot of new and improved ingenuity has been put into making every aspect of the cannabis industry easier, more effective, and more efficient.  From seed growing, to cultivation, to processing, to selling to consumers, the cannabis industry is thriving with tech gadgets that truly change the game as we know it.

We’re going to show you the most impressive cannabis tech gadgets that are taking the weed world by storm.  Some are beneficial to the consumer, some are beneficial to a dispensary or cannabis business, and still others are in a nice place in the middle, taking the hassle out of the plant in some way.

1. Resolve One™ Smart Inhaler

This “smart” inhaler boasts being a metered, accurate treatment solution for cannabis patients.  Providing an effortless solution thanks to the Smart Pods, patients no longer have a need for regular cleaning.  Secured data is tracked and can be shared directly with your health care provider, taking hassle out of your hands.  It also has a two-way communication option with touch screen capabilities.

Using the Smart Inhaler in line with the Resolve app allows you to track your cannabis consumption rate, treatment efficacy and time, as well as the pod type.  This allows you to, without lifting a finger, measure and gauge how you’re managing your symptoms and the effectiveness of each treatment.

2. Flowhub

On the dispensary side of cannabis tech advancements, every stage from seed to sale has been simplified with Flowhub and other similar POS systems.  A fully-integrated software and hardware platform, Flowhub helps you manage compliance and inventory, as well as track all products from growth facilities all the way through to the purchase from a consumer at your store.

The compliance regulations state-by-state are synced by Flowhub’s system, ensuring you stay legal and compliant every step of the way.  Finally, at the end of the of the day, you can view all tracked information through reports and data visualization in order to better manage discounts, promote loyalty, and track the success of certain products.  Marketing has never been more in the business owner’s hands than with a POS system that does half the work for you.

3. Mota Pot

Diving back into what consumers can do at home, the Mota Pot simplifies edibles more than ever.  While it normally takes eight or more hours with traditional extraction methods, Mota Pot has enabled a system that can create canna-butter in about 10 minutes.  Thoroughly tested through an unbiased research and development laboratory, the science of infusing oils with cannabis has been unlocked right before our eyes.

Place a stick of butter (or the equivalent amount of preferred oil or butter alternative) in the appropriate section, place the decarboxylated cannabis in the appropriate section, and heat it on the stove until steam starts to hiss out from the top.  Pour it out into a container that you can separate the oil and water in once it’s solidified and enjoy.  It’s that simple – no filtering, a minimal amount of cannabis, and a potency in the stick of butter that’s perfect for up to 12 edibles.  Extraction methods are becoming far more advanced as we learn more about cannabis, and now we can save more time than ever.


The first and only automatic grinder and cone joint filling machine, OTTO is a tech gadget from Banana Bros.  Whether the plant is dry, full of stems, sticky, or something in between, OTTO can grind and fill a perfect joint every time.  The handy device works with just a touch of a button, providing a superior smoking experience with no air pockets, waste, or runs, and a smooth draw every time.

The best thing about OTTO is that it’s intuitive and easy to use for all experience levels.  Frequent cannabis consumers will find just as much convenience in this gadget than a newbie just getting into cannabis.  The box comes with 20 premium-quality cone-shaped sachets, complimentary from Banana Bros, as well as a 4-in-1 cleaning tool that makes it easy to clean. Every step of your experience with OTTO is seamless.

5. Seedo

The automatic home-grow device that boasts convenience and zero hassle, Seedo is a tech gadget we just couldn’t pass up mentioning.  Per their website, “You literally don’t have to do a thing from see to harvest.” How does it work, though?

Seedo is a sizable enough device, designed for smart space usage.  Simply plant the clone or seed, pair Seedo with the app on your smart phone, and wait till harvest time while you monitor the plant’s growth with the app. A life changer for some patients, Seedo requires no experience or prior knowledge.  They also boast of the bragworthy yields cultivation with the device produces.

It doesn’t just stop at cannabis, either.  You can grow a variety of vegetables, fresh herbs, flowers, clones, and tissue culture like bananas, strawberries, and more.  Growing a wide range of plants right in the comfort of your home has never been a viable option before – until now.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of cannabis tech gadgets sweeping the nation as legalization hits more states and regions in the country.  Legalization opens-up easier access to the plant for patients that may need it, and these cannabis tech gadgets work to further save patients time and hassle.  Simplify your marijuana experience by utilizing the cannabis tech products that speak out to you.  Which tech products are your favorite within the cannabis industry so far?

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