Five Songs About Smoking Dope That You Definitely Should Know

Who doesn’t love a good old top ten? Our ‘lil community offers tons of opportunities for you to share your preference for which music you get high to, but some songs are just so obviously about the performers own herbal enjoyment it would be mad to miss out on them.

Harking back to days of yore, if for some reason you have never heard any of these, you definitely should.

Don’t Bogart Me – Fraternity of Man

Sixties psychedelic country-rockers the Fraternity of Man, created what is affectionately referred to as the stoner “Auld Lang Syne” back in 1968. This honky-tonk stonker is a smokers anthem with a deep southern drawl. It also comes with an important message – not to bogart that joint, pass it on over instead. If you like a smoke, and have genuinely never heard of this song, we can only assume that you have been sleeping under a rock.

Sweet Leaf – Black Sabbath

Considered to be one of their signature songs, Ozzie and the boys share their enthusiasm with this rock ode to smoking dope. The song starts with a tape loop of guitarist Tony Lommi coughing from a joint, which has been replicated in many songs since. This 1971 behemoth of stoner rock is a must-hear for any one who enjoys a toke.

(Roll Another Number) For the Road – Neil Young

While the album this came from was a rather somber affair, focusing on the general hardship of the 1970’s, this little number is an instant mood enhancer. The song itself is a pertinent reminder that having a smoke can offer temporary relief from the harsh realities of life.

The Joker’ – Steve Miller Band

Yep, he really was referring to having a smoke when he called himself “the midnight toker”. Another fun fact about his choice of words is that the marijuana reference actually comes from another song, being the Brewer & Shipley hit “One Toke Over The Line”. Many stoners relate to this song, and in 2012, Spin magazine named it the most commercially successful pot song of all time.

Going to California – Led Zeppelin

The ‘Zep themselves were always well known for their behind the scenes enthusiasm for chemicals of all shapes and sizes. While they very rarely made reference to their lifestyle choices in their music, this wistful tune is a perfect example of their love of a good smoke. It all begins with a woman who smoked all his stuff and drank all his wine, the protagonist then presumably packs up his stash and moves to California in search of a better life.

Do you have a favorite song to get stoned to? Share it with us.

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