Ganja Yoga

I’ve given Los Angeles the better half of my youth, but I’m not from LA. I’m not a stranger to the eccentric flair of the town, but I don’t always feel comfortable in some of its more ‘out-there’ extravaganzas. Like the idea of ganja yoga. To me it conjures up the idea of my FSU dorm room with bean bag furniture, mini-fridge and A Clockwork Orange poster. Except I would have to sit in traffic, find parking, and then be all paranoid about driving home after class stoned off my shit. 

I like my yoga in the morning pure. I don’t drink coffee before yoga because it makes me all shaky. I have a hard time balancing on one foot sober, I can’t imagine the dizzying motions I would be making in a class of strangers, or the domino effect I would create if I fell over.

When my friend @the420priestess posted on Instagram that she was doing an online ganja yoga class to ground and center us through the COVID-19 hysteria, I thought this could be something that I would be game for. 

Before class started I took an edible, because, thank god cannabis is considered essential during lock down and my corner shop is still open. I unrolled the yoga mat making sure I had plenty of space away from any furniture. In this digital age it seemed appropriate that my first ganja yoga class was going to be televised live on instagram.

In the comfort of my home I didn’t have to worry about a bong circle or sitting next to some smelly dude who goes all natural because, who cares dude, use some soap. I’m not sure how an in-person class manages the smoke and all of the smells.

I have been following Caro on instagram for a while because she is a bit of an herb nerd and usually posts about adding different herbs into her bong, joint, or vape. I appreciate her insights into ‘herbal medicine.’ When I tuned in she was talking about her ‘for real’ classes and how she brings different herbs to class for students to experience the awareness of their relationship outside of the conventional cooking use. Thinking about herbs outside of their typical cooking use lends to a different experience with herbs and the high.

We started class laying down. I was already slipping into a calm high but still held onto that part of me that was afraid of falling over in my own home. Each posture felt more grounding than the previous one and I felt myself slipping deeper into a relaxed state. I’m not sure we ever did any standing poses that brought up my fears of falling over. Class was more of a restorative flow. She called it a ‘yin-dica flow’ which was heavy on the comfy props like pillows, supportive blankets, and blocks. Absolutely not my usual morning power flow but given the circumstances right now it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

The whole intention of class was to slow down and move with purpose. In the comfort of home using my couch pillows for props I felt all of my tension release. Since this lock down began I had been going a little stir crazy. Power yoga classes over zoom are not the same as being in class with my teacher. I lack the sweat and the muscle burn that usually pulls me out of my routine.

This yin-dica yoga class was a complete trip and the opposite of what I would normally look for in a yoga class. I actually prefer it over my regular yoga class while I’m stuck inside. 

Class ended with Caro guiding us in a breathing exercises to help us clear our minds which supported this idea of release. I’m definitely convinced that ganja yoga is the real deal, but not sure if it can replace my power yoga class. 

Now the big question is, will I seek out and actually go in person to a ganja yoga class after this is all over? 

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