Getting A Cannabis Prescription

Are you wondering how you can get a marijuana prescription? Medical marijuana programs are becoming increasingly acceptable across the United States. In fact, in almost half the Union, state-issued ID cards are provided to patients with eligible conditions who properly undertake the application process.

How to get a cannabis prescription

To get the prescription, it is essential to understand that application process depends on the state you reside in. And your eligibility will be determined by the type of conditions you are suffering from. So you need to know what is allowed and what isn’t, and also get some expert tips to make you an informed patient.

Pre-approved medical conditions

It is important to know which conditions qualify for medical marijuana. In most states with medical programs, medical marijuana is only provided to patients with certain pre-approved conditions. However, there are states where medical marijuana is widely available for a range of conditions. In general, the pre-approved conditions are any terminal illness, asthma, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, chronic and severe pain, hepatitis C, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and Chemo-related nausea.

Getting a doctor’s cannabis recommendation

If medical cannabis is legal in your state, you can easily find a doctor who can give you a medical prescription. Remember that doctors don’t make prescriptions for cannabis as they do for other types of medicine.  They give recommendations indicating that the patient stands to benefit from medical cannabis in their overall treatment plan.

In some states, you have to visit a doctor’s office, while in others you can arrange a video consultation with an online doctor.  If your doctor is unwilling to write the recommendation, you can visit a ‘420 doctor’ or “pot doc” in states with medical programs.  These entrepreneurial doctors charge for a consultation.  But you should walk out with your recommendation in hand if you’re applicable.

Purchasing medical cannabis

Use this prescription to register as a cannabis user in the state and buy from the dispensaries.  The cannabis prescription will allow you to buy weed, possess it, use it, and in some states, you can grow it yourself. When you get the recommendation you have to find a dispensary that can supply you with the cannabis you need. You have to take your recommendation and your medical cannabis card in the states where the card is required.  You must also have some identification document like a driver’s licensed or other picture ID to prove that you live in the state where you are getting legal medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis ID card

You may be required to register as a cannabis user depending on the state you live in.  The objective of the card is to identify you to law enforcement and vendors as a legal and registered medical cannabis user. In most states with medical programs, you register for the medical cannabis ID at the department of public health county office.

You must personally register and fill out the paperwork.  For this, you must have a state-issued ID such as a driver’s license and the doctor’s recommendation. Generally, there is a waiting period and an application fee of about $50.  For further information, visit the department of public health county office or visit their website.

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