Hiccups of Negativity

Hiccups of Negativity

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On one of those relaxing days just kicking back with a joint and pondering the little things in life, something occurred to me about some of these little things.


There are things in our day to day lives that bother us, but only slightly, that we only have a lightning quick thought of how much we wished it was fixed or different. Something like a squeaky cabinet door or a loose floor board that only requires a quick tap of a hammer. So often we’re reminded of these quick things as we’re racing out the door to be somewhere. I thought more about those moments and what they really were… A quick spike of negative thought. 


Despite it’s small size, it truly is a spike. They’re quick but also sharp enough to puncture. In a less malicious way of thinking, I consider these… a hiccup in our stream of being. Our very energy rides a wave of vibes much like the vibration comes out of a piano to deliver a rhythm for others to follow along or dance to. Positive and negative charged waves are sent rippling through us and those around. 


These charges are constantly moving up and down throughout the day as we process everything we take in with all our senses. The negative ones can seem as strong as gravity with the slightest negative hiccup within a steady positive stream still pulling us down to some degree.


Negative is unfortunately heavier and stronger than positive. A little goes a long way. Think how many compliments you can get and even forget about over time, compared to that one bad comment you were given that you’ll never forget. The down is down for a reason. It’s the heaviest so down it goes… and quick. 


So we all know that negativity things hand sting and stay with you longer, but now imagine if you were able to eliminate things like a squeaky cabinet. It may not seem like something that will throw a person off, but it all adds up. If every day when you open that door for some cereal, you don’t receive that little spike of negative that ripples into the the next little spike, causing it to escalate, and they next thing we know we’re wondering why we’re so agitated and short with people.


The average person probably has 3-5 things they’d like to fix just in part of their morning routine leaving for school or work. 


That’s only setting yourself up for an underlaying hinderance of what flow you could be riding on as you walk out that door. And you wouldn’t even notice until you did something about these things things. So maybe we should take the extra couple of minutes to take care of the small annoyances that attack us, day after day.


Why set ourselves up for a series of little disappointments and upsets as we’re just going about our daily lives? We owe it to ourselves to create positive flows for as long as we can without guaranteed interruptions.


Who needs those hiccups of negativity popping into our positive flow? Not me, not you, not us. Go fix your drippy sink, you’ll feel happier all year about it.


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