High Again!

The High There! app was first created to bring users together using a fun, convenient, and easy to understand interface.  We wanted to create a friendly, inviting community where users could converse with like-minded enthusiasts, experts, and friends in their area on a whole new level!

We have watched the High There! community flourish over the years, as more people are curious and excited to explore the fast-expanding world of cannabis through our platform.  High There! has given cannabis users a much needed outlet to share their stories and experiences without the stigma.  We have helped to nurture the growth of the worldwide network of vendors, experts, and aficionados on our site through embodying a welcoming spirit of pure positivity that is reflective in our supportive community while also sharing pertinent cannabis industry resources.

Whether you don’t get out much but want to meet new friends or just prefer to only talk to like-minded individuals, the High There! app community is the perfect place for you to socialize right at your fingertips.  High There! alerts you when you’re close to another user and optimizes your possible matches based on your unique consumption preferences.  Pretty sweet, right?

High There! has made it easier for cannabis enthusiasts to meet and connect with new people that get their vibe and maybe even go on a date in the future.  Users have also been using High There! to find locals in a new area that they’re unfamiliar with and even meeting cannabis experts for product recommendations in their area.  The app’s intuitive user interface (UI) ensures that you are only paired with people who share your keen interests, thereby eliminating the most uncomfortable parts of dating and social interaction.

New Features

With this being said, our team is excited to continue to nurture our growing community of more than 1 million global users by adding a plethora of new and exciting features to the High There! app.  Here’s an overview of what we’ve been working on and what you’ll notice when you open the app:

  • We gave our user interface (UI) an upgrade that makes it much more intuitive to your touch, giving you the freedom to swipe through aesthetically pleasing, enhanced profiles of potential dates and friends at your leisure!
  • We added a Rep and Vibe Score to every profile which is calculated based on community interaction, user feedback and profile completeness.  This new reputation score will give you a better idea of you you’d vibe with the most on a scale of 1 to 10!
  • We also made it easier for you to invite your friends to join you on the app! Send them an invite link via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Text, or Email. Just tap the ‘Invite Friends’ button in the High There! app menu and share a link with your buds instantly!
  • Last but not least, our developers worked extremely hard to squash bugs and increase app performance quickly to make your user experience much better!

What’s Around The Corner?

  • Live chat discussion rooms to the app so you can express yourself freely and turn your casual conversations into something truly special!  Join the room of your choice and talk the cannabis topics that interest you (i.e. strains, dispensaries, consumption methods, edibles, etc.)!
  • You’ll be able to get location-based product recommendations on the fly when you have push notifications enabled! Purchase products on-demand through the app and get them delivered to your door!

The next sets of new features is due to release in the coming months…

Whether you’re interested in chatting or smoking together, the High There! app is here to show you that you’ve got more friends than you think.  Meet other cannabis enthusiasts from around the world, respond (or not) to invite requests, and spark something new, with someone new in our stress-free community.  If you haven’t already, head over to the High There! iOS App Store or Android Google Play listings to download or update the app and begin experiencing these new features first hand!

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