Is High Yoga the Next Big Ancient Practice?

When it comes to health and fitness, there’s a multitude of modalities to choose now. Exercises like yoga and newer forms of natural turbulence are becoming more than just a practice; people are typically into it without a doubt. But, the latest and greatest of the Sutras is High Yoga. But, is it for you? In this blog, we provide you with our high-sight on this disciplined engagement. Ready, Ohh hmmm mmmm

We’re seeing a lot popping up about the latest craze that blends smoking flowers and heightening your awareness while making a few downward dog moves. In an article found on, the writer describes this practice as a controversial one. “Yogis are on both sides of the fence when it comes to the introduction of cannabis into their yoga practice.” Whether someone chooses to indulge before grabbing their yoga matt is entirely personal and why wouldn’t the yogi be on the fence. It’s better than falling off it, right?

The writer does go on to mention the culture of yoga, and it’s historical existence dating back to Shiva. We would have to agree with the yogis “Many yogis contend that cannabis helps them develop a better connection with their bodies” While it’s not for everyone, it does seem that when you get a buzz, which yoga is the perfect thing to do. However, we also think it necessary to partake in the right strand. Let’s face it, after burning a fatty of Grand Daddy Purple; you most likely would prefer a bed to a yoga studio.

On top of that, you can be more in tune with your body and focus on the poses because you’ll be deeply relaxed. The last thing you want to know is someone is looking at your ‘rootie kazoo,’ and thinking weird thoughts. Smoking out before your class or during is awesome. You’re spending time purifying your body and bud is pure.

The writer does take on the opposing side (which any real journalist should do) by saying many practitioners don’t believe in drug in between poses. We disagree with the yoga instructor, Nancy Romano or Dr. Sands saying it doesn’t belong. While they make a good point, we think if you’re enjoying yoga and the discomfort of holding un-comfy poses, then it’s doing you some good. With the very least that can happen is you can hold your poses longer.

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