It’s About Time We Had…CBD-Infused Clothes?!

Let’s take a look at what CBD-infused clothes can do and if you should try out a pair for yourself in the future.

CBD (or cannabinol if you’re a scientist) has some remarkable benefits for treating inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and more. Treating these symptoms with CBD can help to increase a person’s physical and mental health without needing to use pharmaceutical drugs that have some nasty side effects.

Many people have started using CBD to treat their aching muscles after a hard workout, which has inspired apparel companies to created CVD-infused clothing. If this seems too good to be true, it isn’t; they really exist. Let’s take a look at what CBD-infused clothes can do and if you should try out a pair for yourself in the future.

How Do CBD-Infused Clothes Work?

CBD-Infused clothes have come into the spotlight with a bang in the past year, mostly in the form of athletic apparel that helps to fight soreness and promote healing before activity even begins. What has prompted this surge in CBD-infused apparel? Mainly, it’s driven by a rapidly growing industry that is set to generate $22 billion in revenue by 2022, thus outstripping the demand for marijuana. On top of this, new studies continue to be released showing CBD may be effective for curing inflammation at the source.

This has led a few daring apparel companies to create CBD-Infused clothes that are focused on giving casual gymgoers a break from the post workout inflammation blues. These brands have done this by embedding CBD droplets wrapped in a polymer coating to protect it from evaporation right into the fabric. At a specific interval, the CBD is released onto the skin with friction and movement. Whereas some companies say their products last 25 wash cycles, others say their products do 40 wash cycles.

It’s strategically cut-and-sewn so the fabric is placed on certain parts of the wearer’s body that will likely experience pain, inflammation and soreness thanks to CBD. These brands have placed a majority of the CBD-infused fabric along and around the calves, hips and back for optimal site delivery. Once the fabric and skin come into contact, the micro-capsules are triggered to release CBD. When the skin touches the fabric, the resulting friction causes the capsules to break, releasing the ingredients to the body.

What Does the Future Hold For CBD-Infused Clothes?

The focus for CBD-Infused clothes is, for the immediate future, fixated on the fitness and wellness industry. Of course, since CBD also has many benefits in curing anxiety and insomnia, you may expect that nighttime apparel be the next logical step for these brands to take in this direction.

Over time, once all of the kinks are worked out of the first apparel iterations, it may even be time for CBD-infused apparel to be seen in the workplace. This could be a huge market due to how many working professionals feel incredibly nervous and anxious during their business days. Imagine getting a discrete dose of topical CBD at the perfect time before a big meeting. That Microdose could help you in more ways than one without you even needing to lift a finger.

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