June – Crush Time is Here, Meet Your Ultimate Partner

We all know the month of June to be the beginning of summer. What that means to many of us is barbecues, spending time at the park or beaches and indulging in your favorite strain of Sunset Sherbet or Pineapple Express. Of course, the month of June should also be open to new relationships that will last for more than just the season. In this blog, we give you some tips on how to meet your crush or possibly even your ultimate partner.

Tip #1.) Get off your couch and go into the world. One thing you can guarantee, if you do nothing, NOTHING will happen. By going places where other people are hanging out, you have a better chance of meeting someone than just lounging around your house. Unless you think someone will just land in your living room? Use the “High There” app to meet up with people or to learn about an activity that is happening in your area. Your king or queen might just be there waiting till you show up. But, you’ll never know by binge watching Netflix.

Tip #2.) Next, use the dating app “High There” to vet who may be of interest and who won’t. Online dating has become a great way to sift through who you like. You save a lot of time, by first seeking the possibility of attractive, like-minded people rather than finding them to be annoying later.

Tip #3.) In addition to carefully selecting your potential crush, be careful not to sext too much, too soon. This typically is initiated by the men more than the ladies. Telling her, you’d like to do more than smoke a bowl before even a first date is just plain risky. He or she may like you, only to find it a HUGE turn-off when you come on too strong, too fast. Be subtle, and see how she responds. If she’s interested in going there, you won’t have to burn a spliff to get her to tell you.

Tip #4.) If you’re multi-dating then be upfront with the other person. In some cases, people are apt to agree to date other people while they date one another. This is different from an open relationship. With an OR, you’ve already been dating for a while. But, when you first meet someone, and you plan on being a serial dater, then let them know. In most cases, if the relationship has potential to be more, the other person will most likely want you to themselves. It’s tough to play the field anyways. Focus on one person at a time, and it should be much better.

Now that you have these tips use them wisely. If you plan on having a stable, loving relationship and meeting your ultimate partner, you have to do what’s right in the field when it comes to dating. Get out, screen your potentials partners, use the app and be sure to follow the rest of the advice found in this week’s blog. Before you know it, you’ll be sharing flowers with the guy or girl of your dreams.

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