Last Call for the Bars

Are bars on the way out? Let’s do the math.
As a culture, we’ve grown up with bars being the places adults hang out. When we turn 21, we drink. Okay, plenty drink before then, but that’s a whole other thing. Many 21st birthdays are finished off hugging a porcelain bowl, followed by  the next day hangover. Why? Because it’s what we do. It’s what’s available. 
Now we’re seeing changes in our social climate. And as more and more states legalize pot, new possibilities are arise. Instead of that birthday celebration wrecking our bodies and barely remembering it, it could be a a night filled with more laughs than vomit.
When we look at both sides, this is what you’ll usually see; people getting sloppy, angry, aggressive, jealous, sad, and nauseous, just to name some.
The other camp is always going to be a more chill atmosphere and missing most of, if not all, of those other thing. This one is fun, happy, light hearted, enjoyable, and respectful to all those around. For the most part.
We’re speaking in generalities here but let’s look at more of a specific that is likely to happen.
Watch as women, given the option to get groped by an aggressive drunk guy in a crowd of pushy people or go to a chill place without the frat vibes, start choosing the latter. Then watch all the men take notice and realize they need to drink less and relax more, and change hangouts if they ever want to meet women. Women will set this tone and the men will follow. I know that may sound so primal and outdated, but wait and watch. It just makes sense. It’s science.
That’s one aspect to it. The other is just plain old common sense and one’s ability to recognize harm to ones self. When you can eat a few bites of something or take a couple hits and sit back and relax or dance with a smile on your face with no hangover, why would you keep drinking in bars? There you’re going to spend a lot of money and time pouring gallons of liquid down your throat, bloating your stomach, wrecking your liver, feeding an addictive substance, possibly blacking out to nightmarish consequences and feeling like you’ve been run over by a truck for 1-2 days after? Does any of that sound like a trend that will stick around when a better option is presented on every corner?
I mean going out to a place like that may even make an achy body from a long day of work feel better. Have a headache? Get some CBD at the bar. You don’t see a lot of people getting their ailments fixed by a night of drinking. I know, some will tell you they do, but c’mon, let’s get real here. 
And in cases like that, there could be a very large shift outside of bars too because of this. Less people drinking would bring down alcoholism and in turn may save countless home lives as well.
My money’s on the pot bars and cafes taking over and probably in a pretty quick way. It’s smarter. It’s healthier. It’s just plain better.

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