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The Best CBG Gummies

Keegan Williams

By Keegan Williams

November 15, 2022

Whether you are a seasoned cannabis user or a canna-curious consumer yet to make the leap, it’s an undeniably exciting time to witness the progress around cannabis reform and research today. Even if you aren’t a fan of the psychoactive high and effects that come with THC, there are still plenty of ways to benefit from this amazing plant.

We’re huge fans of

here at High There, but there’s so much more to explore — more than 100 cannabinoids, in fact! Today, we’re focusing on , specifically CBG gummies.

CBG, or cannabigerol, is sometimes called the “mother of all cannabinoids,” since the minor cannabinoid CBGA is the foundation of other major compounds, namely

, CBDA and CBCA. 

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(Note the A on the end is

; heat converts these cannabinoids into their active form, ensuring you can enjoy the array of effects they offer. Edibles from dispensaries and cannabis companies already contain activated cannabinoids.)

Basically, we wouldn’t have the “main” cannabinoids we know and love if it wasn’t for CBG!

The cannabinoid has a number of potential benefits: CBG is known for its role in treating symptoms of specific conditions, though many folks have embraced it for its general role in increasing wellness and providing relief from a variety of symptoms.

If you’re curious about introducing CBG into your own wellness routine, keep reading for a look at our top five picks for the best CBG gummies!

A Bit More About CBG

Because most of the CBGA in cannabis plants generally converts to

, CBG is often considered to be fairly scarce. Strains rich in THCA and CBDA could contain levels ranging between 20 and 30 percent, while CBGA generally doesn’t surpass the one percent mark. 

Fortunately, we’re learning more about maximizing CBGA yields in plants, and it’s becoming more accessible.

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So, what exactly can CBG do for our bodies? According to the available research, quite a bit!

CBG could be helpful in treating

, treating , , , treating and working against . Other reported benefits include pain relief, increased energy and focus, anxiety relief and other therapeutic advantages, though more research is still needed. 

Like CBD, CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and works even better when combined with other cannabinoids.

A Note on Full and Broad Spectrum Products

On that note, it’s important to understand that most CBG products don’t contain only CBG. And trust us, that’s a good thing! While you’ll likely enjoy the effects of straight CBG, they are only enhanced by other cannabinoids.

Some of the products listed use the phrases 

Each means that the product still contains the various compounds and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. This ultimately ensures higher efficacy, with all compounds and elements of the plant amping up those precious benefits.

It’s important to note the distinction, namely if you don’t want to ingest any THC at all.

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Full spectrum products include additional cannabinoids and compounds of the cannabis plant, including THC (less than 0.3 percent for hemp-based products, not enough to get the user high but enough to potentially show up on a drug test). Broad spectrum products do the same, just without THC; these products still aim to retain all other additional compounds, which allows for the

to work its magic.

Now that we have our bases covered, let’s dive in!

The Best CBG Gummies

Best Value

We’re going to kick off the list with a bang: Neurogan’s CBG Gummies for Focus have a whopping 1,350mg of CBG in each bottle (45mg each gummy, 30 total) for just $59.95. That’s a LOT of cannabinoids — this is also the most potent entry on our list. 

The gummies are specifically formulated for focus and energy, and they are powerful! These are great to generally uplift your mood for the day without the anxiety that can come with caffeine, and the high full spectrum dosage is also very effective for pain and soreness. The

may be a little intense for some, but the sweet watermelon flavor still shines through.

For folks who want an ever bigger bang for their buck, Neurogan offers CBG gummy three-packs for $129.95 (a $50 total savings) along with a subscription service that saves buyers 25 percent on purchases and payment plan options through Sezzle.

Best Flavor/Ingredients

In addition to being all natural, organic, vegan, the flavor of Cheef Botanicals’ Vegan CBG Gummies really shines through. The brand uses Colorado hemp and

for its gummies, which is likely responsible for the solid flavor. The full spectrum gummies contain 25mg of CBG each (30 gummies total), featuring an array of tasty flavors to savor with each chewy bite — we also love the texture!

The company is made up of cannabis enthusiasts with more than 25 years of experience in the organic food industry and prides itself on using only the best organic, vegan ingredients, with all cruelty-free, non-GMO, gluten-free and dairy-free options, free of artificial flavors and colors. 

The $79.95 may be a bit steep for some, but Cheef Botanicals also offer a subscription to save 25 percent, free shipping and Sezzle payment plan options. You can save even more by signing up for the company’s newsletter and by keeping up with its social media networks. 

There is no toll-free customer service number, so the automated chatbot is also a nice bonus feature and can be useful for general inquiries. The company has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best Broad Spectrum

If you’re looking for a THC-free option that still packs a huge punch with its other cannabinoids, look no further. Extract Labs’ broad spectrum CBG gummies pack in a ton of potency, with 1,000mg of CBG and CBD in the entire bottle (30 gummies, 33mg of CBG and CBD each). 

This Extract Labs offering also includes a variety of tasty flavors in each bottle: Lemonade, Mixed Berry and Orange Cream.

This 1:1 CBD:CBG ratio is especially great, as users can enjoy the many benefits of each cannabinoid. That means, along with improved focus, you’re sure to notice some of CBD’s potential effects, like tension and pain relief, a general sense of calm and all around improved wellness.

The $69.99 price tag is reasonable for the dosage, and Extract Labs also offers a subscription option for 25 percent off. Its 60-day money-back guarantee also blows most other brands’ return polices out of the water.

Best Full Spectrum

CBDistillery similarly creates an incredibly balanced blend with its CBG+CBD Daytime Synergy Gummies. The orange flavor works incredibly well with the natural terpenes, with 15mg of CBG and CBG in each piece, though they may be a bit herby for some consumers. While other brands on this list have higher potencies, CBDistillery’s combination truly packs a punch for its dose.

The price may be a bit steep for some: For 450mg of CBD and 450mg CBG total, these are $60 a bottle. Fortunately, CBDistillery also has a killer subscription offer, popping an extra 30 percent savings on each purchase along with free shipping. The company also has a great return offer, with its 60-day money-back guarantee, though you likely won’t need it as soon as you bite into one of these!

These are great for beginners or those who are looking for a general wellness supplement, over specific symptom relief and/or

. We love this blend—hopefully CBDistillery will introduce additional potency options in the future!

Best for Pain and Recovery

While this offering contains more CBD than CBG, it’s a great blend that is especially great for medicinal use, aiding in recovery, alleviating aches and

, muscle soreness and inflammation. The combination — 25mg CBD, 10mg CBG, 100mg of turmeric and 0.5mg black pepper in each piece (30 gummies total) — is tailor-made to get you back up and on your feet.

has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in inflammation and soreness, while black pepper can help to increase your body’s absorption of the other cannabinoids and ingredients.

The orange compliments the turmeric and pepper surprisingly well, though the taste might not be everyone’s favorite. If you’re looking for a super sweet treat, you might look elsewhere. The turmeric and pepper are great additions, but you can definitely tell they are there!

While we appreciate Budpop’s bulk offerings, three- and five-pack options, these unfortunately don’t come with any additional discount. Luckily, its free shipping option helps to save a few additional bucks, along with Budpop’s subscribe and save option, taking 25 percent off future orders.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re just now hearing about CBG, you definitely aren’t alone. We’re still in the initial phases of exploring these “minor” cannabinoids that could play a major role in our lives in the future. The research around cannabis as a whole has a lot of catching up to do, but the science available so far, compounded by the myriad anecdotal evidence, shows a lot of promise for a variety of medicinal applications.

There’s clearly a reason growers and researchers alike have turned their attention to the cannabinoid. While the bulk of CBGA in cannabis converts to another cannabinoid, breeders are actively crossing strains and examining our ability to grow high-CBG strains. Pulling CBGA from budding and young cannabis plants could even be an option. 

It’s what the people want, but fortunately you don’t have to wait to see if CBG could benefit you and your general wellness. Happy shopping, everyone!

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