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The Best Munchies to Satisfy High Cravings

Keegan Williams

By Keegan Williams

July 19, 2022

We’ve all had the dreaded moment: You take a few hits of weed, you’re a little toasty and the

hit. You’re hungry, eager to chow down on a snack, only to find an empty kitchen. And, who are we kidding? No one wants to make an unexpected trip to the store after getting high.

To ensure you never find yourself in such a predicament again, High There is here to help. We’ve compiled some of the best stoner snacks to get down on when you’re high. Whether you’re into stereotypical stoner

, healthy snacks, junk food or all of the above — we’ve got all the best foods for any cannabis consumer.

We also understand that, after getting freshly baked, most folks aren’t racing to take on a complicated baking or cooking project. The munchies on this list involve simple and easy prep, if any at all, so you can get back to vegging and enjoying your high along with your food.

So, take a journey with us through the mouth-watering, delectable stoner foods awaiting your tastebuds the next time you light up!

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Full Meals

Sometimes, the best way to combat munching a little too hard is by timing a full meal for when the munchies hit. You’ll satisfy those stoner munchies, nourish your body with some tasty foods, and it’s bound to taste even better. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, we’ve got you covered.


Sure, you could throw an Eggo into the toaster and just call it good. But why stop there? With a little extra thought, it’s super easy to go all out and further enhance the go-to breakfast food. You don’t need an iron to create a delicious waffle, so if you choose to go the frozen route, then great toppings will help.

Here are a handful of topping ideas to get you started: syrup (of course), chopped fruit, berries, whipped cream, Nutella, peanut butter (or any other nut butters, like almond or sunflower), cinnamon/sugar, honey or agave, fruit sauces or dessert sauces (like chocolate, caramel or toffee). 


If you want a savory breakfast, you may have to break some eggs. Let’s be real, though — eggs are very easy to prepare, and you can get as complex or basic as you’d like.

Grab a pan, throw some oil on, toss a couple eggs in (or a plant-based alternative like Just Egg), add seasoning to taste, stir them around a bit if you’re looking for a scramble, or give them a flip for the fried egg of your choice and call it when those beauties are cooked to your liking. It’s really only about a 10-minute process to create these savory and healthy breakfast munchies.

Go the Extra Mile

It’s also super easy to enhance your little chickadees. Shredded cheese is an obvious add-on, adding a bit more flavor and a melty texture. Similarly, frozen or refrigerated breakfast meats can easily be cooked at the same time. To save dishes, you can also just throw some chopped up meat right into your egg pan.

For our plant-based friends, it’s increasingly more accessible to find the same foods, including shredded dairy-free cheese and breakfast meat alternatives, at grocery stores.


Stick with us: Think about all of the sugary cereal we had as kids: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Rice Krispies? C’mon, all of that stuff is practically candy. To make your childhood renaissance even sweeter, try pairing your cereal of choice to a flavored milk, or plant-based alternative. Cocoa Puffs or Reese’s Puffs with chocolate milk? Yum! Fruity Pebbles or Trix paired with strawberry milk? Stop it.

Get Creative!

If you’re feeling a little extra, stock up on some other sweet foods like blueberries, strawberries and bananas; cut those babies up (before or after your smoke sesh); throw ‘em on top, and enjoy.


Pizza is one of the best foods to eat after smoking weed. Not only does pizza basically include all of the food groups, it’s once again super customizable. Fortunately, there are plentiful, inexpensive pizza delivery options practically everywhere if you’re looking for a tasty pie without any of the work. 

To save on delivery fees or having to venture out, there are also countless, delicious options for frozen, oven-baked pizzas, including thin, thick, cauliflower and gluten-free crust; plant-based options; an array of different sauce bases and any number of topping combinations make this the go-to solution. Of course, you can always satisfy your pizza needs with some bite-sized pizza rolls, too!

Our Favorite Frozen Options:

Cheese pizza lovers should try out Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza Co.’s Bessie’s Revenge Cheese; California Pizza Kitchen has some of our favorite thin crust options; Amy’s also has a number of unique, organic pizza selections, along with a couple vegan options. For plant-based folks, Daiya pizza is always a great bet, too.



Nachos are also deceptively easy munchies to prepare yourself — no need to hit up Taco Bell. If you don’t want to wait on the oven, it’s as simple as throwing tortilla chips and cheese on a plate and popping it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds.

Go Wild with Toppings

Be sure to spice it up with some additional ingredients, like black or pinto beans (which can also be heated with the cheese in the oven or microwave) on top, or ranch or sour cream after the fact. If you’re okay with a bit of extra prep, cooking up (or pre-cooking) some ground beef with taco seasoning, chicken, pork or a meat substitute of your choice will also push your nachos over the top.

Grilled Cheese

When your taste buds have been invigorated by a bit of weed, a mix of crunchy and gooey textures hits even harder, too. If you’re embracing a cozy and comfortable high, a grilled cheese is super quick to prepare and doesn’t take very many ingredients. Just grab a skillet, two pieces of bread, some cheese and butter, and you’ll be on your way to satisfying your munchies.

A Quick Grilled Cheese Primer:

Spread your butter, or butter alternative, on one side of each piece of bread, and lay a slide of cheese on each of the unbuttered sides. Add seasonings like parsley, basil, oregano or dill on the unbuttered sides if you’d like, and sandwich the slices together with the buttered sides facing outward.

Once your skillet is hot (medium heat), lay the sandwich down and cook for three minutes on each side until you have melted cheese and optimal toasting. Even with prep, you should have a grilled cheese in just about 10-15 minutes.

An Easy Add-on:

For an extra treat, heat up some tomato soup as you cook your sandwich. Who doesn’t love giving their grilled cheese a little dip?

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We’re keeping it broad on purpose: Aside from the objectively divine taste of potatoes, they are extremely versatile and make some of the best foods. French fries, and the abundance of close relatives, are an especially savory treat to chow down on any time, especially after smoking weed.

You’ll find an overwhelming variety of potato-related foods in the frozen section of the store if you aren’t looking to go full-chef with your munchies: curly fries, sweet potato fries, hash browns, tater tots or just classic French fries. Though, we’ll always implore you spruce it up when possible: Toss some seasoning on top before cooking, and be equipped with a selection of your favorite dipping sauces when your starchy friends are ready to exit the oven.

Do it Yourself!

Oven-roasted potatoes are pretty easy to prepare yourself, too. The easiest option is slicing up some petite potatoes. Otherwise, you just need a pan, some oil, seasoning and a little patience. 

Usually a taste test is ideal to confirm the potatoes are done, and you should only need about 30-35 minutes roasting potatoes uncovered, with occasional stirring, at 425°F. Going by looks also helps: If they’re starting to get that heavenly golden brown color, they’re probably ready.

Desserts & Sweet Treats

Most weed smokers would argue being high enhances the flavor of food, and it’s abundantly clear when devouring munchies that hit your sweet tooth. And, for those looking to minimize prep, most of these are pretty much ready to go straight from the store. Most grocery stores have full aisles, or sections, solely dedicated to sweet treats. The options are immense.

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While it’s sometimes more challenging to find single serving options, most stores carry our favorites, like Oreos, Nutter Butters, Pop Tarts, wafer cookies, frosted animal cookies, chocolate chip cookies a plenty, brownie bites or Pepperidge Farm Milanos.

(Lovers of Girl Scout cookies are unfortunately out of luck for now, but let this be a reminder to stock up next season.)


Any sugary food lover can’t deny the temptations of plain ol’ candy. Chocolate lovers might embrace classics (which now often have white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties). For more fruity or sour selections, there’s of course licorice, chewy candies like Airheads and gummies, other bite-sized candies like Skittles, Starbursts, Nerds, Mike and Ikes — the list goes on.

Cake, Pie and Donuts

You’re an adult, and you can literally buy a cake or pie for yourself for no reason at all. If you’re not looking for a hefty commitment, most stores have individual donuts and slices of cake sold in the bakery section. Similarly, you can feed your inner child and get down on some cookie dough (so long as it’s ready-to-eat and doesn’t contain any raw eggs).

While none of these munchies will be the healthiest, these foods are sure tasty.

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Ice Cream

Especially as we are entrenched the summer months, we can’t bring up munchies without including ice cream.

To keep from over-indulging, a pint is always a nice place to start. Worst case, you may find yourself eating the whole thing, but you won’t wake up with a major stomach ache from consuming an entire carton! There are also more ice cream options than ever before in stores, with an array of flavors, alternative milk bases and options like fruit-based sorbets if you’re looking for something a little lighter.

Stock Up on Toppings

A plain vanilla or chocolate ice cream can easily be pushed to the next level with a creative selection of toppings. If you’re down for a little extra prep, blend up your favorite ice cream with milk of your choice, and enjoy a shake.

Try a Single-serving Option

If you’re looking for a bit of ice cream without going overboard, who doesn’t love a good ice cream sandwich or fudgesicle? There are all kinds of other ice cream-adjacent foods that come in single servings in the same aisle!

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake

We promise, this one is actually super simple and lighter alternative to satisfy any sweet cannabis cravings. All you need is an angel food cake (which you can find pre-made in the bakery section of the grocery store), whipped cream or whipped topping and your favorite berries. Strawberries, of course, are a good bet, though this dessert also pairs great with blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Just cut your ideal size of cake, add whipped cream and berries to taste and dig in!

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Salty Snacks: Chips, Crackers and Dip

The word “munchies” is practically synonymous with snack food, and sometimes we just want a quick bite to satisfy the herbal urge to indulge instead of creating a whole meal.

We’re not going to compile a “best munchies” list without plainly mentioning: Chips and crackers on their own are staple stoner snacks. The word “munchies” essentially invites us to think of chips and crackers. We’re spoiled with an array of options at any given grocery store for tortilla chips, toasted crackers, cheese puffs/crackers, popcorn, potato chips, even chickpea and veggie-based alternatives to get our snack on.

And who doesn’t love a good dip? Pick up some hummus, salsa, artichoke dip — whatever will satisfy your cravings—to really optimize your snacks.

Crunchy, Low-Carb Alternatives

If you love the crunch of potato chips and crackers when high but want to keep yourself from eating the entire box or loading up too heavily on carbs, keep the dip and replace the chips with a crunchy veggie, like celery, carrots or broccoli. Sometimes, the crunchy texture is truly what our stoned brains crave over the food itself, and if you love your dip, these munchies will still be super tasty, just a little healthier.

For a sweeter option, sweetened banana chips also have a great crunch, yummy flavor and make a great snack. We also love seaweed snacks! They’re great munchies alternative to provide that salty, briny and crunchy goodness without the extra carbohydrates.

Cracker Sandwiches

Who said munchies can’t be a little playful and D.I.Y.? Think of this as a sort of mini charcuterie board or upgraded Lunchables. The best part? At a minimum, you really only need three ingredients. Grab some nicer crackers (might we suggest a flavor, like garlic or black pepper and olive oil?) or go for mini bread crisps. From there, pick up some sliced cheese and deli meat, and you’ve got the basics settled.

Take it Further

To go a bit further, grab a spread for your grain base, or a sauce for the top like barbecue, ranch or hot sauce.

Berries on wooden background

Simplest of Munchies


Keep it simple and healthy after your smoke session, and stay stocked on fruit. While this choice may seem a little less exciting than some of our other dessert selections, fruit is still abundant in sugar. It’s a great snack and tastes even better after smoking weed. It’s truly one of the healthiest and best snacks — delicious and refreshing to eat, with less risk of waking up with an aching stomach from over-indulging.

Some of our favorite fruits to snack on while high include mini mandarin oranges, grapes, berries and mango.

If you’re looking to cool down or enjoy a frozen snack, berries and chopped mango especially are great to freeze and then eat as they thaw, like an all-natural popsicle!

Trail Mix

High or not, trail mix is one of the best snacks you can find. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the hints of chocolate, get some salty protein with any array of nuts and simply appease all of your cravings at once with this classic!


To wrap up our list, we’re going with a “snack” that’s not really food at all. Though, sometimes a tasty piece of gum is just what the doctor ordered after smoking weed, especially if you’ve already chowed down and want to curb the stoner munchies a bit. In the way THC interacts with our high brains, we often enjoy the activity of eating and chewing even if our stomachs aren’t properly signaling that we’re no longer hungry for additional munchies.

Though, what would this final entry be without offering an alternative that’s a little more fun? Pick up a Blow Pop or two if you want a blast of sweet flavor in your mouth before getting your chew on (just be aware the bubblegum flavor will likely be a fleeting experience).

Final Thoughts

One of the great joys of getting high is embracing the enhanced eating experience that follows. It’s often just as important to ensure you have proper munchies ready along with your array of cannabis supplies before diving in.

Keep this list handy for your next stoned adventure, and don’t be afraid to get creative! Some of our best culinary creations come from the hungry, high brain.

Happy feasting!

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