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The Best CBD for Dog Seizures

Bryan McAllister

By Bryan McAllister

December 16, 2022

There are few things worse than watching a loved one suffer, and for those of us who treat our pets as though they’re family, seeing them in pain or discomfort can make our hearts ache. Finding reliable ways to offer relief to an ailing pet can be difficult, with a sea of unproven remedies and unverified hearsay only clouding the waters that much further.

As our beloved animals age or face trauma, one symptom that may affect them is in the form of seizures — body-locking tremors that can last anywhere from moments to hours, depending, often leaving our pet confused, afraid and potentially in pain.

Though it might sound easy to dismiss,

— in particular dogs — is garnering a lot of attention, and with good reason. If your beloved furry family member is suffering from traumatic episodes involving seizures, and you’re curious how CBD can help, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s article we’ll be talking about treating dogs for seizures with CBD — we’ll go over what you need to know about how cannabinoids affect canines, what CBD can do to fight against seizures, as well as some of our top recommended products for helping your pet relax from a seizure attack. Let’s dive in.

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What Causes Seizures in Dogs?

Unfortunately, seizures in dogs is

an uncommon occurrence. Seizures can be caused by a host of potential issues, including kidney failure, brain trauma, parasitic infections and liver disease. Most commonly, in otherwise healthy dogs, a syndrome known as idiopathic epilepsy (a genetically inherited disease) can be a factor in the development of seizures.

During the lead-up to experiencing a seizure, dogs will typically exhibit an overall change in behavior that may or may not be noticeable as an owner. Pre-stroke symptoms in a dog can include:

  • Nervousness
  • Excess salivation
  • Whining
  • Shaking
  • Attention-seeking behavior

These behaviors may last anywhere from a few moments up to hours before the actual seizure event occurs.

When experiencing the seizure itself, effects can range from mild symptoms to those that look terrifying from the perspective of the dog’s owner. On the lesser-impactful end of the scale, a dog may experience a sort of “dazed” expression, staring off into the distance and absentmindedly licking their lips; mild shaking or tremors may accompany these forms of mild seizures.

In the more debilitating range, dogs may experience complete loss of bodily functions and/or consciousness, unable to stand upright and often shaking violently with a “locked” appearance to their neck and spine. This type of seizure should only last for moments, but can last longer in more severe cases.

Despite the fear this is likely to generate in both you and your pet, unless your animal has further physical aliments, seizures typically do not carry additional pain. However, for dogs with joint issues or breathing concerns, seizures of this type can be both painful and potentially deadly.

Can CBD Help Treat Seizures in Dogs?

The short answer is “maybe.” The long answer is, unfortunately, a bit more complex. But, in summation, there does seem to be at least anecdotal evidence that treating a dog’s seizures with CBD does have positive benefits. Let’s talk a bit about what CBD is and how it affects our pets differently from ourselves.

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What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many cannabinoid compounds found inside the cannabis plant. Though Delta-9 THC, the main psychoactive component of cannabis, is perhaps a more famous cannabinoid, cannabidiol has exploded in popularity over the last decade due to its non-intoxicating, pain-and-tension relieving capabilities.

CBD can be found available for legal purchase in nearly all states and major areas as an over-the-counter supplement; though purchasing CBD does not require a prescription, speaking to a medical professional before adding a CBD regimen to any diet should be considered a necessity — or a veterinarian, as per today’s topic.

How Does CBD Help With Seizures?

CBD is

as both a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, working with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to help relax muscles, reduce joint pain and contribute to a relaxed frame of mind.

In particular, CBD’s powerful muscle relaxing properties seem to be near miraculous for those suffering from seizures; studies have shown high rates of efficacy in clinical trials of using CBD to treat epileptic seizures, and the FDA has even approved one CBD-based medication (

) for the treatment of seizures associated with several medical issues.

Is CBD Effective in Dogs?

Interestingly, compared to the human brain, dogs contain a

larger amount of cannabinoid receptors located on their brain — this can make our canine friends far more susceptible to the effects of cannabis, occasionally even leading to serious medical issues for dogs that have consumed THC.

Thankfully, CBD and THC are not equal, and as stated above CBD cannot get you high like its psychoactive cousin. And while studies are slim, a number of promising

on the topic are either forthcoming or have shown positive signs of clinical proof that CBD can be used to effectively treat seizures in dogs, including a 2021 study by the AKC (American Kennel Club), showng high rates of success in treating dogs with epileptic seizures.

Our Top CBD Products For Dog Seizures

Finding safely manufactured, secure-to-purchase CBD dog treats can be difficult; that’s why we’re here to help. Below we have some of what we think are the best, most trustworthy CBD supplements for dogs available on the market — we’ll be looking at affordability, supplement strength, the trustworthiness of the manufacturing and many other factors to help you make the best decision on what CBD dog treatment is right for your pet.

Courtesy of Royal CBD

Royal CBD Dog Treats

Royal CBD offers three distinct formulas for their dog treats, with

being our top choice for the treatment of canine seizures from the manufacturer. Infused with L-theanine and chamomile — alongside CBD, of course — these treats are 100 percent non-GMO and vegan, and come in a rather pleasant-smelling (for a dog treat) flavor of “green apple & peanut butter”.

Though we believe the Calming formula to be their best option for seizures in dogs, checking out their multi-pack — which contains all three of their assorted treats — is a great way to help give some calming CBD to your pet alongside a bit of variety.

Courtesy of Innovet

Innovet Nutty Hemp – CBD Peanut Butter for Dogs

Getting an injured or sick animal to chew can be problematic, particularly if the body-locking tremors of seizures are involved. While the act of chewing can be difficult, tempting your pet into licking up a tasty peanut butter snack might be worlds easier — and for that, Innovet has their


One jar contains a total of 16oz of peanut butter infused with 250mg of CBD and combined with the additional anti-inflammatory powers of turmeric. Using flaxseed as the base oil for the peanut butter ensures a healthier snack for your furry friend — just make sure not to get the jars mixed up when making your next PB&J.

Courtesy of Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals Joint Support CBD Dog Chews – Salmon

Offering a break from the usual bacon or peanut butter flavored treats, Lazarus Naturals has a CBD-infused snack perfect for the seafood lover in your household. Their

are packed with 18mg of CBD each, alongside a list of other all-natural ingredients, including a healthy dose of Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of salmon oil that can help aid with relaxation, alertness and muscle tension.

Additionally, and helpfully, Lazarus Naturals also includes a dosage chat with each bag, helping you find the right dosing recommendation for your dog’s overall size and weight. Though far from a perfect system, the effort is both appreciated and helpful alike.

Courtesy of Pinnacle Pets

Pinnacle Pets Hemp Bacon and Cheese Dog Chews

It’s pretty universally true that dogs love bacon. Maybe you’ve met a dog that doesn’t love bacon, but it’s good odds you’ve met more dogs that do. Pinnacle Hemp knows this as well, and their

have exactly the right sort of meaty funk that the most beloved dog treats carry.

Though definitely scented of bacon (and cheese) the primarly listed ingredient in these chews is salmon, giving a healthy boost of Omega 3 fatty acids alongside each chew’s 5mg of hemp-derived CBD. Though not the fanciest or most ingredient-filled option on our list, these can be an excellent starting point to see if using CBD to treat your dog’s seizures is a potential solution.

Courtesy of Honest Paws

Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs – Calm

Backed with a healthy dose of chamomile extract,

aims to be a quick and easy way to get your pet’s needed medication down the hatch. Though giving a dog an eyedropper of medicine can be dicey in some circumstances, for those experiencing seizures, sometimes chewing an edible treat isn’t an option.

If you’re unsure what dosage size your canine companion needs, Honest Paws sells their “Calm” formula in several different strengths, each recommended for a different size of animal and ranging from “small” at 25lbs or less (and 4mg of CBD per dose) up to “large” at 50lbs+ (and 16mg of CBD per recommended eyedropper full). Though a relatively no-frills offering in terms of additional ingredients, if looking for a way to get mostly CBD into your dog’s daily diet without a lot of filler, Honest Paws CBD oil could be an excellent choice.

Courtesy of Petly CBD

Petly CBD Dog Food Topper

If your dog is a picky eater or has a sensitive stomach, it might be easier simply adding some CBD to their normal diet, rather than trying a bevvy of treats they may or may not care for. Petly CBD has a unique

designed to be applied to any regular food source, allowing your pet to eat their CBD medication alongside whatever their normal meal of the day may be.

Though the bacon-flavored powder can work on dry food we found it best mixed into wet food instead, giving the powder something to hold onto instead of potentially blowing off of the plate (or, worse, getting literally inhaled by a vigorous eater). Each jar contains a recommended 30 scoops of powder containing 20mg of CBD each, alongside flaxseed and fish meal for additional inflammation-fighting Omega 3 acids.

Courtesy of CBDfx

CBDfx CBD Dog Treats for Muscle & Joint 450mg

With a wide array of ingredients aimed at promoting healthy joints,

could be a one-stop shop for everything your family pet needs to help keep seizures at bay. Not only do these crunchy, bone-shaped snacks contain 15mg of CBD per treat, each one also contains turmeric, sweet potatoes, blueberries, spinach, flax, cinnamon and four different types of mushroom powders — reishi, shiitake, meitake and lions mane.

Though a bit of a shotgun-blast approach to joint health, if your furry companion is having extended issues with seizures, muscle degeneration and inflammation, it can be worth trying anything and everything possible to help ease their pain and confusion. If looking to give everything you can a shot, it’s difficult not to recommend the comprehensive formula available from CBDfx.

Courtesy of Focl

Focl Premium CBD Pet Drops

Tinctures and oils are an appealing option as either a food additive or for pets who have difficulties swallowing and chewing. Focl brand’s

are picture perfect for any animal that might not otherwise be interested in chewing, with three different flavors (peanut butter, chicken and salmon) designed to help make medication time as appealing as possible.

Made with organic, all natural ingredients, and available in two different strengths (a 300mg and a 600mg option), we were big fans of Focl’s variety pack, with all three flavors offered for a discounted price.

Courtesy of JustPets CBD

JustPets CBD Dog Treats

Let’s be real with each other here for a moment. Your dog doesn’t actually care that the treat you’re handing them is shaped like a bone. They care that it smells good, and that it tastes good, and that it isn’t currently trying to fight back against being eaten, but form factor? Typically not much of a concern for a dog.

All that said, there’s still a certain amount of synesthetic joy we humans feel in handing our good boy-or-girl something shaped like a little tiny steak. Definitely winning the award for “best looking treat” on our list,

look incredibly appealing — at least to the human eye — and were definitely appealing to the pallets of the furry friends we gave these to in our tests.

Available in both original “steak” and a newer “chicken meatball” variety, each treat contains just over 5mg of CBD; though other snacks on our list may contain a greater variety of seizure and muscle-tension fighting ingredients, if looking for a simple way to see if including CBD in your dog’s daily routine will help alleviate their seizure symptoms, this CBD-only option could be an excellent startng point.

Courtesy of Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web Calming Pet Chews + Calming Human CBD Gummies

We know our article today is focusing on the canine side of our families, but hear us out here for a moment.

Studies have shown, multiple times over, that dogs can

human stress — from body language to even our scents, our dogs know when we’re worried or anxious, and in many cases this can cause anxiety to spike in them as well. Taking the time to be as calm and relaxed as possible for your pet may do more good in helping them relax from their seizures than you know.

If your dog is suffering from seizures, being tense as its owner isn’t likely to help. OG CBD brand Charlotte’s Web has

designed for joint canine and human relaxation, with treats for your pet and treats for you as well. Charlotte’s Web dog treats also include healthy doses of chamomile, valerian root and passionflower, to help promote relaxation and reduce muscle tension; same as the lemon balm included in the 10mg CBD “human” gummies in this bundle.

Courtesy of Penelope’s Bloom

Penelope’s Bloom CBD for Dogs – Joint + Mobility Bundle

Not sure what may be the best option for your pet? CBD brand Penelope’s Bloom has an interesting

option that may help you nail down exactly what CBD treatment for your dog’s seizures can be most effective.

Though also available for purchase separately, the bundle option available on the Penelope’s Bloom website allows you to select a three-item combination including treats, CBD infused oil and even CBD balm for targeted joint ache relief; handy if your dog’s seizures tend to cause muscle soreness after the fact. Alongside the variety in dosage form, a selection of treats is also available, ranging from a 300mg total bag to a 600mg total bag for larger breeds.

Courtesy of Batch

Batch Pet CBD Oil Tincture

Bacon or salmon? Whichever your dog may prefer,

is an excellent option for anyone attempting to get quick CBD relief into their pet’s system. Though the website says that “for optimal results” a few drops should be added directly under the tongue, for any that may resist taking an eyedropper of medication the oil can be just as easily added to any food source you (or your dog) desires.

While bacon might be a more popular flavor, depending on your companion’s tastes, we recommend the salmon variety, for its extra Omega 3 acid inclusions; when attempting to stave off the effects of a seizure, every bit of inflammation fighting power you can find may be of help.

Courtesy of Honest Paws

Calm CBD Peanut Butter Pouches

Traveling and exercising with a pet that has seizures is a tricky proposition at best (and risky at absolute worst). Carrying bulky containers of dog treats everywhere you go may not be a feasible option, which is why we love these

from Calm CBD.

Each easy-squeeze pouch contains a total of 10mg CBD contained in human-grade peanut butter, no different from what you might find marketed and sold to yourself. Though these pouches contain little else in the way of additional calming and seizure-relieving ingredients sometimes less can be better, and for an easy-to-carry solution, Calm CBD’s peanut butter pouches are difficult to top. Absolutely recommended for those who want to maintain an active lifestyle with their pets and want to prevent seizures while on-the-go.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About CBD & Dog Seizures

How Long Does CBD Take To Work For Dog Seizures?

The time it takes for CBD to work can vary highly based on a number of factors; what form of dose you give your pet, how soon it’s been since they last ate, and many other variables. In general, though, expect a maximum of 30 minutes before the effects of CBD should be noticeable in your pet.

What Dose Of CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

This will depend greatly on your breed of dog, its size and weight, age, medical issues and other important factors. Though many CBD products for dogs give a general dosage amount, taking your pet’s physicality into consideration is very important. If unsure what a proper dosage of CBD for your pet may be, make sure to consult your veterinarian first.

Should I Be Concerned About Giving CBD To My Dog?

As mentioned before, many studies on using CBD as seizure treatment are still in their early stages, giving a lack of concrete information on both the short and long-term effects of CBD on dogs. What we do know is that CBD does not seem to be harmful in the proper doses, at least according to colloquial evidence.

However, if giving any cannabinoid supplement to your pet, make sure it contains only CBD, and not an appreciable amount of THC. Again, animals such as dogs have a higher number of cannabinoid receptors located on their brain, and their differing metabolic system means they process THC in different ways and at different rates than humans. THC poisoning and toxicity can — and has — lead to death in dogs before, so make sure the supplement you’re giving your loved one isn’t a THC edible instead.

Wrapping Up

Again, watching a loved one suffer is never a pleasant experience. Though there is still much more research that needs to be done on the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids on dog seizures (and many other ailments), if done under the supervision of a veterinary professional, adding some CBD to your pets daily routine might just help prevent some terrifying moments — and provide peace of mind for both you and your canine friend.

We hope today’s article has helped deepen your understanding of what can cause seizures in dogs, and potential ways to use cannabinoids to treat them. And remember — if you’re not relaxed too, your dog can tell, so when trying to calm them, make sure to calm yourself as well. Until next time!

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