two buds and a joint

two buds and a joint

The 14 Best Strains for Creativity

High There

By High There

February 10, 2021

Feeling stuck in a creative rut? Writer’s block got you locked? If paints and pens aren’t being your friends then maybe you need new perspective – Maybe it’s time to get lifted. In today’s article we’ll be going over some of the best cannabis strains for creativity, talking about indicas, sativas and hybrids alike that can help spark imagination and get the creative flow, well, flowing. Let’s hop into it!

ak47 strain


Topping our list of the best cannabis strains for creativity is the classic AK-47. An unknown mix of Colombian, Thai, Mexican and Afghani strains, this is a sativa dominant strain known for it’s, long-lasting, uplifting and cerebral highs. Often cited as being good for creative endeavors, AK-47 is an award-winning smoke with a pungent, skunky scene and sweet, fruity taste. Most plants grown carry a 15%-20% THC content, as well as a 1% ratio of CBD.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a sativa dominant strain named after the famous cannabis activist/author behind the classic marijuana reform text “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. This strain is known for being strong but with a non-debilitating high, often noted for it’s sensations of clear-headedness and relaxation. Different variants of Jack Herer exist so if looking for the genuine article make sure to check what you’re getting is the OG strain.

Amnesia Haze

An 80% sativa-dominant strain cultivated from a wide variety of landrace strains, Amnesia Haze is a weed competition cup winner with upward of 20% THC. Brightly-scented with piney, citrus-like scent, Amnesia Haze is noted for its energetic, uplifting highs, which can be useful for creative endeavors, while still working well as a sleep aid if taken at night. Typical user experiences report overall feelings of happiness and increased enjoyment from social activities.

Sour Diesel

A Chemdawg & Super Skunk cross hybrid, Sour Diesel is excellent at alleviating symptoms related to stress and depression. Known for being a very energetic high, this particular strain carries a distinctly sour scent and taste reminiscent of diesel fuel (hence the name). Expect Sour Disesl to carry 15%-25% THC, along with an additional 2% CBD.

Blue Dream

A Haze x Blueberry hybrid Blue Dream is yet another sativa-dominant cannabis strain often listed as a favorite among medical marijuana patients looking for relief without an intense high. With a sweet, fruity taste reminiscent of it’s Blueberry parentage, Blue Dream is noted for being relaxing without being sedating, giving energy, motivation, and sparking imagination without much accompanying brain fog.

Kali Mist

Dense, dark green buds give off an uplifting, motivated high in Kali Mist, a 90% sativa strain that can hit hard and leave the mind open to new pathways of creativity. Kali Mist has a light but noticeable aroma of citrus and pine, and can be good for moments when a more discreet puff is required. First cultivated in the early 1990s, these densely-packed buds are excellent for the treatment of ADHD, depression, and chronic pain.

Durban Poison

A South African pure sativa strain, Durban Poison is an all-rounder cultivar of cannabis, often good for creativity or just about any activities you want to pursue. Fluffy yellow-green buds carry a sweet-but-skunky scent that’s very pungent even before being smoked, and users report a very cerebral, anxiety-relieving high from it’s 20%-25% THC content.

purple haze strain

Purple Haze

A classic, veteran strain, Purple Haze has been a popular choice for artists and creative types for many a year. Though exact accounts of Purple Haze’s lineage are… apocryphal to say the least, it is known that this 60% sativa strain has been smoked since at least the early 70’s (we’ll leave it up to others to debate which came first, the song or the cannabis). Great for a stimulating, energy-filled high, expect a deep, musty scent with undertones of sweetness, somewhat reminiscent of a blackberry wine.

Northern Lights

One of the only pure indica cultivars on this list, Northern Lights is a heavily sedating strain also known for deep and intense body highs that help to spark creativity via relaxation. Expect to get a good blaze from it’s crystal-covered, lime green buds (weighing in at a very respectable 16%-20% THC), with most users lauding it’s powerful euphoric and calming qualities.

Cinderella 99

AKA “Cindy” or “C99”, this is one of the sativa-dominant hybrid strains on our list, with potent, densely packed buds sure to feed the creative spirit. With a 20%+ THC content Cinderella 99 is often used for the treatment of depression and anxiety – Important roadblocks to overcome on the path to artistic creation. A sweet but potent scent, C99 has a bright, fruity taste that can be invigorating on it’s own.

Space Queen

A cross between the previously-mentioned Cinderella 99 strain and one known as Romulan, Space Queen is known for it’s effects of an intense head rush and sensation of energy, followed by a seep sedated relaxation. With a sharp scent & taste of pineapple Space Queen is often used to help alleviate issues with stress and PTSD, and for many can help set an overall creative atmosphere.

chemdawg strain


A 55% hybrid with near 20% THC on average, Chemdawg is a classic strain often used as a parenting plant when cross-breeding new cultivars of cannabis – In fact, Chemdawg contributes to many of the strains featured in this list. With bright green, tightly packed buds, Chemdawg’s sharp diesel-like scent is very noticeable, and it’s effects may be even moreso. While this strain is known for getting the creative juices flowing be warned, as too many puffs may see you locked to your nearest couch.

Shiva Skunk

Another of our indica dominant recommendations (with a parentage of the aforementioned Northern Lights crossed with Skunk #1), Shiva Skunk is another strain destined to help you use your imagination as much as possible while still leaving you feeling clear-headed and energetic. With an average THC level of between 13%-20%, expect to only need a bit of this indica hybrid before you’re feeling it’s full effects. Shiva Skunk is also popular among medical marijuana patients, often used by those suffering from stress, depression, and even intense migraines.

OG Kush

If looking for high THC content strains, the well-known OG Kush has you covered – An average of between 20%-25% THC levels means this strain will definitely help your spirits feel lifted. A sharply pine-flavored weed, expect a lot of coughing from first-time smokers, and a spicy, dank aroma that will linger in the room. Users of OG Kush report a calming euphoric sensation that doesn’t come with an intense head rush; excellent for centering one’s body and mind prior to an artistic endeavor.

Wrapping Up

We hope our list of the best cannabis strains for creativity has helped spark some imaginative thoughts of your own. And though the cannabis strains we’ve listed above will certainly help kick your brain activity into gear it’s worth noting that there are no “magic strains” that will suddenly unleash your inner Picasso.

Artists and other creatives know that while altering their minds through substances can be both fun and increase their productivity (be that via cannabis products, caffeine, LSD, or whatever other chemicals get their engines started), the best prescription for any creative endeavor will always be 

 into whatever process your creativity wants to take. Remember: No cannabis strains in the world will compensate for a clear heart and mind.  is always a good start too!

Still – However you choose to reach your Creativity Zone a couple of puffs likely won’t hurt, and be they indica or sativa the strains we recommend above should give you both a cerebral high and a body high that will at least make your creativity and related efforts more fun. Happy smoking!

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