Lift Your Mood and Boost Your Focus with Cannabis

We all have difficulty concentrating and focusing sometimes.  A lull in your focus might come around due to lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, depression, a combination of everything, or no reason at all.  Whatever the cause of your dwindling focus, there are ways that you can increase your energy to tackle tasks at your highest level of focus and efficiency.  So, instead of reaching for an energy drink which will only give you a short term kick in the focus factor, keep reading to find out how infusing cannabis into your life can effectively lift your mood and boost your focus.

Microdosing For Focus

Before jumping right in on buying all of the cannabis strains that optimize your focus and energy, it’s best to micro dose with cannabis first to find the right strain for you and then play with the dosing to find the perfect boost so that you don’t accidentally ending up too high to get to work.  After that, you’ll be able to feel the full effect of microdosing, which is subtle in nature and allows you to fully express yourself in serenity, giving you a feeling of focus, and a sense of creative energy.

Microdosing can also help you to be more productive in life and make your cannabis and CBD products last a lot longer.  Although no specific studies have been developed to understand the effects of cannabis on focus and energy, recent research published in the academic journal PLOS ONE showed that microdosing LSD can decrease depressive symptoms and stress while boosting your focus.  With cannabis legalization continuing to roll along, it’s only a matter of time before a study of this magnitude is developed to test cannabis for the same variables (and hopefully getting similar results too).

Finding the Perfect THC:CBD Ratio

 When you find the right ratio of THC and CBD, it can instill a great amount of positive energy into your life that can help you perform tasks that take a tremendous amount of focus and drive to accomplish.  Keeping a close eye on the THC:CBD ratio will ultimately help you predict the outcome and tailor your cannabis experience to help take your energy levels to new heights.

Although some of the more popular cannabis strains that have been known to have energy-boosting effects feature higher THC:CBD ratios (greater than 2:1), this may cause anxiety and paranoia for non-seasoned smokers.  This is why it’s always best to start small on new dosages before going all-in on a specific blend.  Even if your best friends swear by it, they might have a higher tolerance with that blend that could lead them to experience its effect differently than you would.

Whichever ratio you select, make sure that it at least has trace amounts of CBD due to its ability to diminish the short-term memory impairment caused by THC.  Users have shown tremendous results with a 3:1 ratio of a THC:CBD as the blend produces a calming effect that can reduce your anxiety, relieve your stress, and act as an anti-inflammatory pain reliever.

If you’re just looking for the calming effect without these pain-relieving side effects, you can choose to go the route of a 1:25 or 0:1 blend of THC:CBD.  This type of hemp-based blend has no psychoactive properties and has shown to be most effective at curbing high anxiety and depression which are two of the most common causes of decreased energy and focus.

Other Avenues to Consider

All in all, the optimal times to Microdose with these blends of cannabis are typically right before sitting down for long periods of work (writing, making music, painting, etc.) or even before exercise and recreational activities.  Users have seen tremendous boosts in their spatial awareness in these scenarios that could possibly be the source of their improved performance.  However, you choose to dose, make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water while staying away from caffeinated beverages to deter dry mouth from ruining your experience.


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