Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis Beverages

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While there are conservative weed users who still prefer smoking, there is a growing demand for alternative methods of marijuana consumption. Marijuana beverages are the hot topic of discussion on most forums. These beverages allow easy absorption of cannabis into the body. And, unlike edibles, they have a low-fat content. Also, they do not carry the social stigmatism associated with smoking. Read on for more information on current and upcoming marijuana beverages.

Constellation Brands marijuana beverages

Constellation Brands, the company behind the famous Corona Beer, recently took a stake in Canopy Growth. Canopy Growth is a Canadian company specializing in medical marijuana. It is the largest marijuana business, estimated to be worth $2 billion.

By acquiring a stake in the cannabis company, Constellation Brands hopes to start producing cannabis-infused drinks in the near future. With the upcoming nationwide legalization of cannabis in Canada and several other countries, Constellation Brands cannabis beers are nothing but imminent. However, the company insists that their marijuana products will only sell in the US if marijuana is legalized countrywide.

But, Constellation Brands is not the only company to have thought about cannabis-infused drinks. The following marijuana beverages are already on the market.

Lagunitas Supercritical

At around August 2017, AbsoluteXtracts and Lagunitas Brewing Company worked together to bring Lagunitas Supercritical. It is an ale that contains marijuana distillate oil and cannabis terpenes brewed together using Lagunitas’ finest hop recipes.

The company’s representatives claimed that the terpenes used in the beverage are isolated during the extraction of cannabis. Therefore, the beverage does not contain THC. As such, any high you will experience does not come from marijuana but the 6.8 alcohol percentage of the drink. Like most other IPAs, it is designed to mimic the characteristics of weed flavors.

Lagunitas Supercritical is an experiment that has worked this far. So, we should expect more variations of Supercritical in the near future. Probably, the upcoming variations will have actual cannabis.

Hemp Ale

Hemp Ale is a marijuana beverage produced by Humboldt Brewing Company. According to the brewer, Hemp Ale is brewed with hemp seeds that are toasted. They add a unique herb flavor that is welcome to all pot users. The drink does not have marijuana effects, only the flavor. Remember, hemp is a variety of cannabis sativa that only has a 1% THC level.

With the legalization of marijuana in more states and the growing marijuana trend, one can only expect to see Humboldt Brewing Company produce more marijuana beverages.

General Washington’s Secret Stash

In 2016, Dad & Dude’s Breweria gained approval to sell General Washington’s Secret Stash in all 50 states. General Washington’s Secret stash is a cannabis-infused beer. Each unit contains 4 milligrams of cannabinoids. Like all other IPAs, the drink does not have THC. However, the patented process they use to make the beer produces a drink with the neuro-protectant and anti-oxidant properties of cannabinoids. As such, the beer is a delicious drink with health benefits.

Considering that the brewing company sold 5 other cannabis-infused beers during the Great American Beer Festival, we should expect more cannabis beverages in the near future.

Beers are not the only marijuana beverages. There are marijuana sodas, coffees, teas, and fruit juices.

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