Naming Weed Strains

Naming Weed Strains

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Funny weed strain names such as Black Beauty, Buddha’s Sister, and Super Glue leave you wondering how weed strains are named. Some names sound well thought while most sound random. After exploring the names, you are left wondering whether there is a particular formula for naming strains. Read on to find out.

The origin of weed strains

Most of the weed strains in the market today are hybrids of two parent strains – Cannabis Sativa, which makes users more energetic, and Cannabis Indica which produces the feeling of a “lazy high”.

The modern strain names started in the late 60’s when breeders started transplanting strains from other parts of the world with local strains. Some of the strains they imported include Durban Poison, Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, and Afghan Kush.

Interbreeding came from curiosity and the desire to create new weed effects. Over time, some of the hybrids die out from the market with new ones replacing them. Today, there are thousands of crossbred strains.

The names of weed strains come from:


Naming weed strains for their origin is probably the oldest naming method. Clearly, the names of the weed strains imported for transplant in the 60’s were named after their origin. Afghan Kush, for example, has its origin in Afghanistan. By the way, Kush does not come from India, as is a common belief. Originally, it grew on the Kush mountains found in Afghanistan near the Indian border.

Durban Poison comes from Durban, South Africa; Panama Red comes from Panama, and Colombian Gold is from Colombia.


Other strains are named after the effect they produce in their users. For instance, Blue Dream, a crossbreed of Blueberry and Purple Haze, creates a dreamy mental state. Similarly, the Afgooey strain turns its users into gooey messes. The person who named it was not wrong, Afgooey is one strong strain. It will make a mess of the hardest of stoners.


Other strains are named after their color. Purple Haze strain, for example, has purple buds. However, some argue that it was named after the Tony Hendrix hit, even though the Rockstar was referring to LSD.

The buds of the White Widow are covered in white crystals. White Widow is legalized for medicinal use in some states.

Parent strain names

Another way of naming weed strains is creatively combining its parents strain names. For instance, Berry White is a crossbreed of Blueberry and White Widow. Dr. Who is a cross breed of Mad Scientist and Timewreck and Suicide Girl comes from Poison OG and Girl Scout Cookies.


Reasons for naming weed strains after celebrities include pure fanaticism, honoring the celebrity, or for marketing purposes. Some weed strains bearing names of celebrities include Khalifa Kush, Charlie Sheen, Michael Phelps OG, Gupta Kush, and Bob Saget.


The fact of the matter is, some weed strain names are purely random. Strain names such as Ak-47, Sleestack, Bubble Gum, and Squiblica may have held some importance to the breeder, but the names are not relevant to consumers.

The number of crossbreed weed strains will only increase as more states legalize weed. The names will increase, with some being funny, others weird, and a few being relevant.

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