New California Statewide Cannabis Delivery Rule Supersedes Municipal Bans

California has always been well-known for leading the nation when it comes to cannabis legalization.  California has spent the last few decades making great strides in the name of the green plant.  The case for California leading the charge still stands even by today’s standards, with state regulators rolling out cannabis delivery across the state.

Regardless of local municipalities’ bans, cannabis delivery is approved and appropriate anywhere across the state, opening avenues to the plant for those that have no way to venture to a dispensary. While there are opponents to the new regulations regarding cannabis, this appears to be an obvious win for Cali.

More specifically, this is regarding the final drafts of California’s cannabis business regulations that were filed initially in July, altered in October, and then finalized in December of last year. These finalized drafts were approved by OAL (the Office of Administrative Law) on January 16th of this year.

Statewide delivery for California, while a widely debated issue, has already been seen bolstering sales by allowing delivery businesses and licensed cannabis retailers access to sections of the state that were previously banned.

This also means that disabled patients and those that are unable to make it into a dispensary, even in the previously restricted areas, have access to delivery cannabis services to treat pain, stimulate appetite, reduce nausea, relieve other symptoms, and so much more. For those that often find cannabis a relief to their pain or other chronic issues, this is a huge change for the good.

Police chiefs and various other critics are worried about an unruly black market they think will form with this newfound delivery option allowed statewide. Cannabis consumers and companies alike, on the other hand, are not only excited about the change, but they pushed for it to begin with.

Before this new regulation passed, vast sections of the state banned the legal sale of cannabis even though the plant had been legalized statewide. This effectively cut off residents in those locations from making legal cannabis purchases. This makes cannabis consumers claim that the black-market sales for cannabis will plummet with sales legalized across the entire state.

The cannabis bureau, upon approving the newest regulation, said that they were merely clarifying what should have always been the legal case. “A licensed cannabis delivery can be made to any jurisdiction within the state.”

The state market has been operating under temporary rules since the draft was pending for approval. This new delivery rule for the state is just part of hundreds of new regulations rolling out. These regulations cover the governing of the legal cannabis marketplace from seed to consumer sale.

What this Means for Business

While it’s not certain that the new cannabis regulations will stay in place or be fought in court, many speculate that it may even arise again into Legislature jurisdiction. If these regulations do stay approved, this means a big boost in business sales for just about anything cannabis-related. There is a market that has not been touched on enough that include many people who either can’t or don’t want to visit a dispensary.

Likewise, if the regulations stay approved this could mean solid real estate for dispensaries and other cannabis companies in the sections of the state that previously held bans on commercial pot sales. Previously, cannabis consumers could either travel to an area of the state where commercial sales were allowed for cannabis and then drive back, or they could get it in their area through illegal means. This will boost sales and reduce illegal sales in one fell swoop.

Business will be booming for California as the cannabis market heats up yet again.  Interested companies would be wise to take advantage of potential opportunities that arise within the next few weeks for cannabis delivery.

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