News Round-Up: December 27th, 2021

News Round-Up: December 27th, 2021

News Round-Up | Dec. 27th, 2021 | High There
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Curaleaf sees wrongful death lawsuit over mislabeled CBD products, Pfizer enters the cannabis market with a $6b+ investment, and meet the medicine-making cannabis nuns of California.

There can be a lot to keep track of when it comes to the fast-paced world of cannabis information and news. Our roundup has everything you might have missed from the last week and more.

Curaleaf Logo

Curaleaf To Face Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over Mislabeled CBD Products

“This shouldn’t happen just because this is a relatively new industry. There’s just simply no excuse for it, and they’re setting the [legalization] movement back. […] It’s not accidents. It’s cutting corners.” Michael Fuller, Underdog Law Office

(Link: Cannabis Business Times)

A pair of handcuffs, by Bill Oxford via Unsplash

Oregon: Former Narcotics Detective Facing Felony Charges Over Illegal Cannabis Grow-Op

Shepherd ran for Klamath County Sheriff in 2012 and worked for the Sheriff’s Office from 1990 to 2004 as a patrol officer and narcotics detective, among other positions. Since 2007, he has worked part-time for the Malin Police Department. […] Shepherd said plants growing at the location were part of a licensed hemp operation managed by Smith, documents said. Investigators say there was no permit and the plants were not hemp.

(Link: Oregon Public Broadcasting)

Pfizer logo

Pfizer Enters Cannabis Market With $6.7 Billion Acquisition

Like Big Tobacco companies, Big Pharma’s interest in the medical cannabis industry grows with the space’s fast-evolving cannabinoids industry. R&D on cannabinoids is achieving exciting results in the treatment application. For this reason, it is expected to see further involvement of pharmaceutical companies in the medical cannabis industry in the following years.

(Link: Forbes)

Canadian flag, by Jason Halso via Unsplash

Cannabis Use Increasing Among Younger Canadians During Pandemic

According to Health Canada’s annual Canadian Cannabis Survey, released Thursday, 49% of people reported using the same amount of cannabis as last year, a decrease from 56% in 2020. But 29% of those surveyed reported using more cannabis, an increase from 22% in 2020.

(Link: CTV News)

Woman close-up smoking a joint

“Californians overwhelmingly supported legalizing marijuana. Why is it still a mess?” [Editorial]

In recommending Proposition 64 to voters, the Times Editorial Board argued that it’s better for public health, for law and order, and for society to treat marijuana more like alcohol and less like heroin — as a legal regulated product for adults. […] But today many of the promises of Proposition 64 remain unfulfilled.

(Link: LA Times)

A woman crouches next to an exercise ball, by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

New Study Shows Little Difference Between Cannabinoid Effects On Male & Female Patients [Research Paper]

These data indicate an absence of systematic sex differences in acute cannabis effects given a moderate dose of vaporized cannabis. They do not preclude the possibility that sex differences may emerge with higher THC doses or with other commonly used routes of administration (e.g., orally administered oils or edibles).

(Link: Wiley Online Library)

Roughly One-Third Of New York State Communities Opt Out Of Cannabis Dispensaries

It’s a divisive issue, with more than one-third of New York municipalities opting out, including Long Island villages and towns Glen Cove, North Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Huntington, Islip, Shelter Island, East Hampton and Smithtown. Failure to opt out by year’s end means communities are irreversibly opted in.

(Link: CBS Local New York)

Nuns walking, by Ane Hinds via Pixabay

“Meet The Weed Nuns: Our Ladies Of The Perpetual High” [Editorial]

The walls are lined with photos of nuns and female religious figures, some with joints, some without. Sister Sophia smiles as she stirs a pot on the stove, heating up their CBD topical salve before packaging it into jars. When it comes to their products, it is always referred to as medicine, not cannabis, and all steps from planting, to trimming, to packaging are scheduled around the moon cycle.

(Link: Rolling Stone)

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