News Round-Up: Oct. 4th, 2021

News Round-Up: Oct. 4th, 2021

News Round-Up | Oct. 4th, 2021 | High There
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NBA star Chris Webber to invest $50m+ in Detroit cannabis facilities, recreational marijuana sales a possibility for both PA and D.C., and pets consuming discarded cannabis edibles proves to be no laughing matter.

There can be a lot to keep track of when it comes to the fast-paced world of cannabis information and news. Our roundup has everything you might have missed from the last week and more.

man holding weed vape

U.S.: Study Finds Cannabis Use Statistics Remain Steady Post Recreational Legalization

An article published in The Journal of the American Medical Association found there was no increase in cannabis use among the general population or among previous users after their states legalized marijuana. The study looked at data between 2008 and 2017. [Link: ABC News]

Dispensary Technician- The new and improved budtenders

Trulieve Now Nation’s Largest Cannabis Retailer

Trulieve is establishing a “a regional hub strategy” across the U.S., with hubs in Florida, Pennsylvania and Arizona, Rivers said, to be better positioned as more states approve medical marijuana and others legalize adult recreational use of marijuana. [Link: news4jax.com]

Detroit street art

Detroit: Former NBA Player Chris Webber To Open $50m Cannabis Facility

Webber broke ground Tuesday on the 180,000-square-foot, $50 million facility, which will be called the Webber Wellness Compound. The cultivation will eventually be expanded by 80,000 square feet, representing a $125 million investment. [Link: freep.com]

A Pennsylvania road sign, by Addy Mae via Unsplash

Pennsylvania: Recreational Cannabis Sales Coming Soon?

Lawmakers have failed to pass other recreational marijuana bills, but this latest attempt has some changes. Gov. Tom Wolf has signaled his support for legalizing recreational marijuana broadly. [Link: WTAE.com]

Police tape, by David von Diemar via Unsplash

California: Bay Area Sheriffs Dept. Seizes 37+ Tons of Illegal Marijuana

“We’ve also seized close to $10 million in cash assets,” said Sgt. Ray Kelly with the Alameda County Sheriffs Department. “We’ve also seized 12,000 pounds of processed product ready to be distributed out into the community. That’s worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 million.” [Link: MSN.com]

The Lincoln Memorial at Washington, D.C. by Casey Horner via Unsplash

Washington, D.C.: Hearings On Recreational Marijuana Sales To Begin

The hearing comes as D.C. officials await a more significant development from Capitol Hill, which has so far stymied any local attempts to legalize marijuana sales. [In] past years, Attorney General Karl Racine warned city lawmakers that the congressional ban even covered the simple act of holding a public debate on the idea. [Link: dcist.com]

Chocolate Laborador Retriever, by James Barker via Unsplash. I want to pet this dog.

Cases of Canine Cannabis Poisoning On The Rise

On the app Nextdoor, dog owners across Marin County chimed in recently with their own stories of dogs inadvertently getting “baked” on walks around the neighborhood, in nearby parks, at schools and public beaches.

“Seriously. Why else would there be this issue? Who drops their edibles all over the ground???? They’re expensive. And why so many????” posted [a Nextdoor user]. [Link: LA Times]

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