How to Pass a Drug Test with These Simple Tips

How to Pass a Drug Test with These Simple Tips

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Even if you live in a legal state for marijuana, it’s important to know certain jobs can still hire or fire you based on use. Select industries such as aerospace, tool and die and of course law enforcement will make you refrain from indulging in your favorite pastime. In fact, many places that will insist you’re free of any substances and will include a lottery for testing. In this blog, we offer some simple tips that can help you pass your drug test that will assist in MOST cases. (Remember, this is meant for educational/informational purposes only). 

How to Get Marijuana out of Your System

There is a lot of debate about how effective the various detoxes out there really are. That being said, there are a few things that you can try to help you pass that drug test, whether it’s urine or hair follicle.

Goldenseal & Echinacea Detox

bottle of echinacea goldenseal supplement

Goldenseal with Echinacea is not only an excellent herbal supplement, but it’s also a powerful tool for combatting impurities. While we find being green to be one of the purest forms of curative therapies, not every employer would agree. If you’ve recently indulged but need to pass a test, then start a Goldenseal regimen right away.

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Get a Dedicated Marijuana Detox Kit

The other way to go is buy an actual supplement detox kit specifically designed to remove toxins and THC from your system before your test. They take a few days, and again, we’re not sure on the efficacy but it could be worth a shot!

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Drink Lots of Water

Drink lots of water! Yes, it’s true water can help flush out the THC, which is what they would be testing. While tetrahydrocannabinol can stay in your blood stream for up to 30-day, if you begin to cleanse your system with up to 8-glasses of water a day, you should see a significant difference. However, be careful not to overdo it with the water. Depending on your size you could get away with less than 8-6 8 oz. glasses per day. As a matter of fact, people have been known to drown themselves if they drink too much H2O so err on the way of caution.

Get Your Own Drug Test Kit

home drug test kitEven if you just went to the ‘one-hitter dugout,’ or you’ve been toking down on your bubbler for years, there could come the point where you need to get the chemical out of your system. Get a home test kit if you’re unsure what you’re doing is working. While this may not always be reliable, it will certainly help you gauge whether what you’re doing is working.

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The Vinegar & Salicylic Acid Application

salicylic acid bottleIn addition to doing a weekly test, a vinegar rinse may also be helpful and will in some cases prevent you from failing the hair follicle test. Leave Distilled White Vinegar on your hair for up to 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, has passed apply 2% salicylic acid (an acne treatment) on the hair. Leave on for up to 30-minutes. Finally, use liquid dish detergent and wash and rinse the hair thoroughly. This method will give you a better chance to pass the test than if you do nothing at all. But, again it’s not 100% guaranteed.

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In many instances, you can bet that preventing any further use will help. We suggest refraining until you feel it’s safe to indulge once again. In the meantime, try these tricks and let us know what the results were. Best of luck!

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