Pleasure Of Sex

Pleasure Of Sex

Studies Suggest Cannabis Can Increase Frequency And Pleasure Of Sex

As we approach Valentine’s Day, many of us are trying to plan the best experience with that special someone.

Would you consider starting off a romantic evening with coffee while you converse?  Might you then have a glass of wine to loosen inhibitions?

If you’d consider pairing cannabis and sex to enhance your connection, how could it shape an intimate experience?

Just as too much coffee and too much wine could turn a romantic moment into a botched opportunity: studies suggest that with cannabis, it’s the same.

Start low, and take your time.  Find out which strain is right for you.

 If consuming for an outcome, more is not necessarily better

Studying sexual behavior to a clinical degree in people isn’t something we can’t do effectively.  It’s so complex!

When it comes to what science has to say about things like this, researchers use broad based interviews.  So, most of what we know comes from studies that  aggregate what people are saying about their experience.

In general, men and women who use consistent low doses of cannabis can report it having aphrodisiac effects.  The largest study compiled interviews from users since 1970.  One nugget of knowledge it shows is that people who consume less than two joints a week experience increased desire.

A supporting body of evidence suggests that regular use can also increase sexual frequency.  People who used cannabis reported 20% higher frequency rates compared to “never users.”

If looking you for performance enhancement, micro-dosing at 2.5mL is what researcher recommend.  There are cannabinoid receptors that impact sexual function. Low doses of cannabinoids increase activity in those groups of receptors.  Which cannabinoids impact most heavily has not been sorted out yet.

Rethinking effects

Cannabis is commonly associated with producing euphoria, relaxation and peace: the stoner image is a hyperbole of these effects.

Reframe those extremes into words like: patience and responsive observation.  Suddenly these are traits that can build trust, transparency, honesty and ultimately, passion.

In the right amounts, cannabis can increase sensitivity and creativity.  It can alleviate anxiety, and remove obstacles to creating the right internal environment.

 Many of the commonly associated impacts of cannabinoids contribute to a comfortable and pleasurable environment.

 Consider your strain, amount and method

Studies that have looked at brain function from rats suggest some cannabinoids impact desire centers negatively.  These incidents happen in higher doses more frequently, and are uncommon in small amounts.

We can learn from this information.  It’s probable that different cannabinoid profiles affect us differently.  It’s also likely that too much of profiles that are typically okay can produce negative outcomes.

Get to know strains and whether they work with you.

Too much is too much.  Areas of the brain responsible for sexual functionality have shown to reduce activity in rats when larger doses were admitted. It would be responsible to assume that people have thresholds of consumption as well.

It’s important to consider the risk of the most preferred delivery method: smoking.  Prior to these studies, evidence suggested that chronic smoking can cause erectile dysfunction.

There insufficient data to create the definitive link, and there is a higher correlation of ED when combined with tobacco is evident of that.  But the risks of recorded and real.

Make sure the delivery method (inhaling, eating, topical) is used in the best way possible.  If you are using cannabis for a particular outcome, it’s important to align all the options to suit your needs.

Performance enhancement

 The jury is still out on whether cannabis can increase male performance or not.  But a growing amount of data is showing that it can increase the overall sexual experience for both men and women.

It’s difficult to figure out if this is because it’s making either the man or the woman performs better.  But it is becoming more abundantly clear that users of cannabis feel that their sex lives can be enhanced by responsible cannabis use.

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