We believe that transparency is an important part of building and maintaining trust in our readers, which includes the products and services we may link to as part of our content creation process.

We know that it can be downright difficult to find useful, accurate and trusted cannabis information on the internet and social media. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the plant and its potential, and the industry is still evolving rapidly.

That’s why we are making it our priority to deliver to you trusted, research-backed and expertly vetted info so that together, we can eradicate the stigma and misinformation around the cannabis plant, unlocking its true potential for all of us. 

How we select products

Our team of writers and editors spend hours researching the topics we write about to satisfy the needs of our readers. These topics could range from how to make your own canna-gummies, to how to pick the best weed grinder, to what strains to use for migraines, and everything in between. 

The team then digs into any relevant products or companies relating to these topics, researching and reviewing them for you. Our editorial process evaluates these products based on quality, affordability, safety and availability to ensure they are the best that you can get and the right choice for you. 

How affiliate links work

We only link to products or services that we believe meet our editorial criteria and that provide value to you, our readers. Some of these links may direct you to a business with an affiliate program, so that if you go on to make a purchase, we may receive a small portion of the revenue generated from that purchase. 

This is what it means for us to be reader-supported, since this affiliate revenue supports our independent editorial efforts, and helps us in meeting our greater goal of eradicating the stigma and misinformation around cannabis. No individual staff member is ever directly compensated from any purchase you may make.